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PLEASE HELP - Is this crohns???

I am a 25 year old woman who suffers from various health conditions including severe hypermobility syndrome, fibromyalgia, raynauds disease, somatoform pain disorder, flat feet/plantation faticis, chronic repeat UTIs, IBS and iron/b12/folic acid deficiencies. I also suffer from dermatitis, loss of nails, cold sores, mouth ulcers and anal fissures. I am currently under investigation for diabetes as have low blood sugar levels regularly.

I have been having problems with my bowels for years and was diagnosed with Ibs at 15. Of late my stools have become impacted on a regular basis and I can got upto 10 days without going to the toilet. I have been passing hard round ball shaped stools which are coated in mucous for quite some time.

I have been seeing a GI due to malabsorption and calproction 180 and in august had a colonoscopy/endoscopy. Endoscopy was normal and colonoscopy was normal up to limit of insertion. Upon reaching my small bowel the specialist could not obtain access and I was in excruciating pain. I was referred for an mri scan.

One week ago I was admitted to hospital in agony with a very distended stomach and pain from right at the middle of my bottom rib down my right hand side.

4 days on I took moviprep which cleared any faeces. This was horrendously painful and I also vomited throughout.

I am still having periodic spasms which are causing me to find it difficult to breathe and feel I have heartburn and shortness of breath.

My c related protein levels have doubled from
102-205 (not sure if this is high/low?)

I had an mri scan this morning as am still in hospital and will hopefully get results tomorrow but I am looking for some advice as to whether this sounds like crohns?

Thanks in advance
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Hey Melissa!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation including a few clinical investigations it would be difficult to determine the cause of your symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, motility disorders, hormonal/ endocrine abnormalities etc. I would suggest waiting for the MRI results before waiting for deciding on the further management plan. It would be best to discuss the situation with your treating gastroenterologist after the investigation report becomes available.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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I just saw this and thought I'd ask you how are you doing?  Did the MRI show anything?  Did they do a transit marker test or Sitz test?


The reason why I ask is - I also had hypomotility pan colonic - I used to go all the time normally then one day it stopped - days would go by - ER trips you name it - over the counter meds nothing worked - so I finally went to my GI doc he ran every test known to man kind - but the one that stood out was the transit marker test.   I swallowed 1 tiny little capsule with neon markers in it - they took an xray before swallowing it - then I came back in 5 days later to see where the markers were.  To every one's shock all 25 neon markers could be seen throughout my intestines they never reached my colon.  Hence my diagnosis of hypomotility

I then was sent to a colon surgeon who ran a host of different tests.  My finally decision was to have my colon removed.  The procedure was called Laparoscopic subtotal colectomy.  She took out all but enough to reattached it to my small intestines so I wouldn't need a colostomy.   It has been 2 -1/2 yrs.  now and I go normal again.  This surgery was one I never thought of every having but it saved my life.  I do use Metamucil daily to keep it from being runs.  I am glad they found out what my cause was because I was miserable.  I hope this helps.  Deb
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You should research Addison's disease. I have it and it seems like you have many of the symptoms, it is hormonal so most doctors don't think of it or even know what it is:)
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