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Pain in Gluteus, Hip and Rectum

I have had the abdominal symptoms of crohn's since early puberty, but was not diagnosed until about four or five years ago.  Still have the abdominal symptoms, and developed symptoms such as peri-rectal abscesses in the past few years, which is what led to the diagnosis.  Just had my third surgery due to abscess about a month and a half ago, and for the past few weeks have had this strange pain.  Any pain that seems to be in the area of the rectum, makes me leary of abscesses, but this is different.  The pain is in the left gluteus, into the bend of my hip, as well as the rectum.  Seems that sitting worsens things, and I have been trying to sit/lie to my right to accomodate, but the pain never entirely goes away.  The pain is not the same as an abscess, not as severe, and there is not the feeling of swelling, like there is with an abscess.  I have been looking into the symptoms of gluteal bursitis.  I do have crohn's, so am posting this here, and hope that someone might know something more...
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I hope by now you are all better.  If not, please research the condition called piriformis syndrome.  It can cause the symptoms you describe.  You made need a physical therapist to initially help release a really knotted piriformis and stretch the surrounding muscles that often get involved in the fun.  After that, you can do daily stretches on your own to prevent recurrence.  Also, consider taking a methylcobalamin sublingual or injection supplement in case you are deficient in B12 at the tissue level.
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I am experiencing the same symptoms you describe, but mine have come from 2 different things: #1. being very sedentary is hard on the muscles of the gluteus - it tends to thin them and make them weaker.
And #2. having had huge constipated bms which i held back for too long, distending the bowel internally so that it has prolapsed internally into my vagina and is now infiltrating the surrounding gluteal musculature. I could have an operation for this, but that could create other problems for me as a woman, or I can do what I am doing right now which is intense kegel exercises for the inside musculature and what they call glute-sets for the outside muscle.  I have only been at this a very short time, but can see a wee bit of improvement already.  Don't know if you will be able to see this as I see your post is dated 4 years ago, but I hope you do and hope it helps.
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I'm in the same boat as you.   I actually had thevaginal wall reinforced about 16 years ago, however it has weakened again and I have a very large retention.  The pain in my rectum/butt area is an intense burning...almost like the burn you get when working a muscle out to the point of burn and then waiting 4 hours before stopping.  I will not have the repair done on my vaginal wall; I watched a video on YouTube and it frightened me.

How are you now?  When you posted last you said there was a little improvement...what about now?  Can you tell me what actually helps?  It's been gradually getting worse in the last 5 years, its more unbearable all the time now.

Thank you, and may you be recovering quickly.
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