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Sickness and Headaches on a Regular Basis

I would be most grateful for any advice anyone can offer me about my dad as I feel desperate and worried and the doctors are useless.  My dad has had crohns disease and colitis for years and suffers from terrible headaches and vomiting on a regular basis (about every other month).  When he gets this he is so ill that he is confined to bed so it really does interfeer with his life as he cannot work or go out when hes like it.  He has seen doctors and specialists whom have done `tests' but found nothing hence no help.  He is not on any medication and said he does not suffer with `flare up'.  Any help or advice would be must appreciated.  Thank you.
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Metagenics - Ultra inflamex Plus. Introducing a medical food may be a subtle way to help rebuilding.
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I've never really seen these symptoms with either Chrons or Colitis but I've heard of other reasons for this. Normally he would be looking at Diahria, bleeding from the Rectum and lower abdominal pain. Can you get a very detailed description of his Headaches for me. Does Light and smells make him throw up when the headaches come or is the headaches come after he starts throwing up?
Ok I too have UC but never suffer headaches from it. However I learned something new, it's called Chiari and has those syptoms. Google  it to find out all I found out.
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