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Some one please talk to me

If anyone has any ideas for me about crohns and diabetes together   Please Help me tahnks frogger65
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I don't know much but I did hear that they only recently found what they think is a link between diabetes and crohns. They think it's because they're both auto-immune diseases? I stumbled across that when I was searching the internet about crohns. I found it interesting because I have a lot of diabetes in my family and now they think I may have crohns. I think this is fairly new knowledge right now and I think they're still learning. They still don't really know what causes crohns. They say it can be heriditary and that certain ethnic groups are more prone (Jewish people) but they still don't know enough about it all.
I'm assuming you have diabetes and crohns? The internet is an excellent way to learn about all of this. You might want to also check out CCFA (Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America). Best wishes to you.
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I read the same article, but it was for a link with Type 1 diabetes or Juvenile diabetes, not Type 2.  I have Type 2 diabetes and was diagnosed with it about a month after being diagnosed with Crohn's.  My father has Type 2 and had Ulcerative Colitis also.  It could all be only genetic, but my theory is that my body was under so much stress and poor nutrition from the Crohn's (which I had symptoms of for 5 yrs before being correctly diagnosed) that I developed the diabetes much earlier than usual.  I was probably going to get diabetes at some point, but maybe not until retirement age.  With the Crohn's doing the damage to my body, I think the diabetes was brought on.  Who knows, maybe I am all washed up, but maybe not.  
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I'm one of the lucky ones that has both diabetes and Crohn's.  In fact, I got diabetes not from Crohn's but from the steriods (prednisone) I was put on.  I found out I had Crohn's in August and the diabetes was discovered in November.  I didn't have it prior to August.  I have what is called steriod-induced diabetes.  
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My younger brother had Crohn's all his life.  I believe there is a link to celiac disease, which I have.  Anyway, they sometimes call this leaky gut symdrome also.  The situation in celiac seems to be, that the gut is irritated and lets gluten gliaden proteins leak into the blood stream without being broken down/digested correctly.  The body immune system attacks these stranger proteins and destroys them.  But the problem is the proteins sometimes lodge on an internal organ and the body then gets confused and attacks that organ also.  They can test for celiac by doing blood tests for gliaden antigens.  Gliaden is the protein in wheat gluten.  Anyhow, I have read that researchers found antigens to yeast proteins in Crohn's patients.  That could mean a similar process happens in Crohn's patients and they get autoimmune diseases for the same reason's celiac patients do.  Except it is yeast causing the problem vs wheat or in addition to wheat.  I eat a simple diet of mainly rice and veggies and meats that I cook myself.  That way I control what goes into my body not some big corporate food plant with a chemical factory sitting behind it.  My food doens't come in boxes, it actually looks like food when I buy it, not a printed image on a container.  It's the real thing!  I avoid any processed foods for the most part, although not totally.  I know Crohn's is tough to deal with and I wish you well.  I really think it makes sense to go on a do it yourself cooking plan with limited spices (salt and pepper only), review all the medicines and vitamins you are taking for possible bad ingredients, eliminate soy which is bad for everyone, consider eliminating dairy also.  Many celiac people can't do dairy, soy and nightshades in addition to the wheat, rye and barley that cause the main reactions in celiac.  An elimination diet is a very good start for any GI problems detective work.
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