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Ulcer on tongue

I have had colits for about two years now. Though, I was wondering if anyone else has had sores appear on their tongue? Just last month, I was washing my hands and noticed I had three red areas on my tongue: two on the tip and one a little to the side. I was reading online that ulcerative colitis can cause sores to appear in your mouth and didn't know if this was a cause for the sores to appear. Now, I have one on the tip of my tongue that just appeared yesterday and today it has a white center. I'm kinda freaking out if it would just a regular ulcer caused by the colitis or if it is something worse like herpes. If anyone else has any information or has had sores on their tongue, I'd appreciate the help!!
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Hi, ulcers appear with Crohn's Disease and colitis is the sister disease. I would be going to see your doctor again and see if the ulcers are from your condition. When I had the ulcers, they were very sore to touch and lasted quite a while. Hope you go ok and get this looked at.
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Well, I went to my doctor but by time I was able to see him, they were gone. They only lasted about 2.5 days. One showed up Friday around 11pm and then on Late Saturday, two more showed up but one was more on the side of the tongue but still the front. Then Sunday, they went away by night time. I was able to see the doctor Tuesday since I already had an appointment made a few weeks prior to this. I was more worried it could be herpes, but he told me since he has nothing to look at that he couldn't tell me. But he told me that if it hurts or anything, that it is possible it could be an infection of some sort.

Thing is, it didn't hurt at all. I was more worried seeing it in the mirror than anything. I did mention to him that I didn't know if it was from my colitis but he didn't really give me an answer to that but just said yes lol. What worries me is that this appeared last month too but again, for only 3-4 days with no pain. My colitis has been acting up this month too so I wasn't sure if it caused the sores to show up.

Also, I do have a canker sore on my gum that formed the same day, Friday, and is now starting to go away. Odd that the ones on my tongue went away 4 days ago and yet the canker sore is now starting to go away.
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What I was told from a CD specialist is that the only people who get ulcers in the mouth are ones with CD as it is everything from the lips to the anus. Where UC is large colon only. When I had ulcers, they lasted up to a week or two and I had to have either anti-biotics or steroids because that was the sign my CD was flaring or changing and getting worse. My ulcers really hurt and hung basically around the throat area.

Your situation is odd to me. Your doctor is probably right and it was just an infection, I am not sure as I am not a nurse/doctor or anything medical. Sorry if I am being negative.

I do think though that the ulcers that are CD related last much longer and they feel very soft in the middle and extremely painful to the touch. Not saying yours aren't UC related but UC, as said above, usually is colon only related.

Hope you get sorted.
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Mary, my wife, has some lesions on her tongue that don't hurt. They are on the tip  and top surface in the middle and one side. Irregular shapes, with light (not white) edges, and of various sizes. About 6 lesions. She has Crohn's and diabetes, anemia. They don't hurt at this time. Seem to have appeared suddenly, in the last day or 2. Very concerned. Does anyone out there in cyberspace have a similar symptom?
Thank you, Whoever!
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I get ulcers in my mouth on a regular basis.  I was told that this is part of my Crohn's experience.  Try mixing equal parts of liquid benedryl and liquid maalox---swish that around in your mouth several times a day.  That helps me the most.
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