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Urgent: please help

Hi all,

This is something very urgent and stressful and I'm hoping that anyone can help me out as I am at a loss... I am 17 years old, female and have not been to school in months, have not left the house only to go to hospital or clinics.

In short:

Old chronic persisting symptoms:

Severe abdominal pain )every day) made worse when having a bowel movement

Nausea (every day)


Migraines (since I was 14 years old)

Acid reflux ( diagnosed 9 years old)

Stomach upset feeling

Anxiety (however currently on cipralex as they thought migraine was tension headache)

New symptoms (popped up 1-2 months ago)

Whooshing, ringing in my ear

Dizziness, lightheadedness, faint feeling

Seizure (happened once so far)

Left side pain

Shaking, teeth chattering, fast heartbeats

Frequent urination every 10-15 minutes + hot urine

My story:

6 months ago I had severe vomiting and severe stomach and abdominal pain. Went to the ER did not find the gastritis infection but did an endoscopy which showed inflammation and acid. Took all sorts of medication for inflammation and antacids 2 months after the pain sort of calmed down but the vomiting and nausea never stopped. I lost about 9-10 kg, I do not drink soda, eat beef, don't eat chocolate, no alcohol, no acidic anything my diet is mostly plain and some days I barely eat anything as I know it will cause pain and vomiting.

Months after the vomiting got worse and the abdominal pain increased to the point I was screaming in pain. I've done another upper endoscopy which showed a normal stomach and a colonoscopy which showed mucus but the doctor said it was "normal".

In total, this has been going on for 6 months and I believe that my body is giving up. 4 days ago I had diarrhea (I am mostly constipated not having a bowel movement for weeks but I took a laxative) and vomiting and severe pain at 1 am where I was screaming and my mom found me on the bathroom floor. The next day, I suffered a seizure had a head CT scan done it came back "normal" had an MRI done came back "normal of the brain" but it showed a severe deviated right septum which the doctor said could be a cause for my migraines. I am supposed to be doing an EEG today but doctors do not believe that the seizure was caused by neurological problems the EEG is just to rule that out.

I have done an abdominal CT which did not show anything but a small mesenteric lymph nodes which the doctor said is nothing to worry about because it just showed my body was previously fighting an infection.

I woke up this morning very dizzy, teeth chattering, and shaking and feeling like I was going to have another seizure. The only thing that helped calm down was warm water, a cold compress, and some Corn Pops. About a week ago I had to go to emergency because I was vomiting a lot and in a lot of pain and my mom did not want me to get dehydrated. We waited for 3 hours for the doctor to show up and all he said when I told him about ALL of my symptoms was that it is anxiety. I have had worse anxiety in the past and have never experienced this before. I have always been taking my anxiety medication for years and am confused to as how he could still think it is anxiety if the medication is not working. I have seen a psychiatrist and she told me she believes some of my symptoms like the ones I have had for years: panic attacks difficulty breathing etc in situations is anxiety but what I am experiencing now cannot be anxiety especially because anxiety cannot have me waking up screaming in severe pain.

My whole family is on edge I am terrified of having another seizure and I truly truly do not know what to do. The doctors are jokes here and I in my condition I do not know if it is possible to get outside treatment. Can someone please please offer me any advice on what to do or something.
Thank you
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Most of those symptoms all fall under Candida yeast overgrowth.  If you look up on internet all symptoms of Candida yeast overgrowth you will find them there. I had to cut out yeast products like white bread-pizza-submarine sandwiches and cookies and muffins with yeast and finally after a year got it under control. Yeast I'd microscopic and hard to detect. Some labs only do yeast tests
Find one some are free. You will feel better everyday you don't  use yeast.
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