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Weird bowel movements

To start, I am 19 and a female, which is why I'm hoping this forum cna give me some answers since a doctor is probably unneccesary. In the past I've thought that I might ahve IBS just due to my penchant for diarreah, but these past few weeks my stomach and bowel movements has been really bothering me.

My movements have been in narrow and pencil like. Occasioanlly I've have movements that are somewhat normal looking, but still with at least one that's narow like that. I don't wipe hard, either, but the toilet paper usually has blood on it even though I can't feel any tears and it doesn't hurt anywhere. I

My stomach has also been doing some odd things. Before a bowel movement, my stomach will occsaionlly start making loud noises and I can feel something that feels a bit like a heavy weight dropping in my stomach, or like something is kicking me usually at the top of my stomach. My stomach and sides have also been hurting, as well as my upper stoamch and under ribs on both sides, and going doesn't make it dissappear, but it sometimes worsens it. Sometimes I'll go to the bathroom becausse this'll happen, and it feels better for a short amount of time then it happens and I have to go again, but it's not diarreah usually. Sometimes I'll look and the toilet bowel will have cloudy mucous in it.

Also, I'm not sure how exactly to explain this but it feels like my bowel movements are more urgent? Previously, I could've held in bowel movments for however long I wanted, and it wouldn't feel different when I had to go. Now, basically as soon as I sit down they feel like they're right there....I'm not really sure how to explain it but it doens't feel like I'm in any danger of having any accidents or anything, but they feel much closer to the surface. I've also been really gassy which does not usally happen to me ever.

I've also had some other pain but I'm not sure if it's normal or related, but sometimes when I stretch or move wrong I get a really sharp pain that starts at my side and can somtimes radiate. I did it in front of my friend while stretching in the car and immediately bent over and clutched at my side and she looked at me weird, so I'm guessing it's only me that this happens to?

I don't really want to go to a doctor since it would be a campus doctor and I don't like doing things that aren't neccessary, so if anyone has dealt with this please help me.
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Hi, I had some similar issues, my bowels weren't pencil like but I had pains and the urgency and blood. I highly suggest you go to a GI doctor if at all possible because if the pain is that bad it needs attending to. It would probably be best just to bypass the campus doctor or ask them to refer you to a GI? If there is damaging being done to your body by your body it's best to put an end to it now before it gets worse! Hope you get better
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