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What Do I Eat?!

Greetings to all.  I'm a 29 y/o female and am still in the process of being diagnosed.  My GP says he's inclined to say Crohn's because of my symptom list, but I've only just been referred to a GI doctor.  I won't have my visit for another couple weeks.

I'm having a lot of symptoms; unabated stomach pain (strongly right-sided), loss of appetite, occasional nausea and heartburn, fatigue, low-grade fever, and of course... as always... unrelenting diarrhea.

I've been on the low-residue diet for the last month and have followed it strictly.  It has made a marginal effect, some days I actually eat three whole meals!  (Small and bland though they are.)  When I visited my GP today, he said that I may want to try switching to a gluten-free diet and see if that doesn't help.

When I looked up the list of what I could eat on the gluten-free diet, I rejoiced.  So many things that I'm not eating now!!  But when I looked a little deeper, I realized: a lot of the foods that are acceptable on the gluten-free diet are things that I KNOW will upset my tummy.  Bell Peppers, sesame seeds, apples, oranges, and LOTS of nuts... which I really, REALLY can't have.

So my question for the community is this: what kind of diet should I be following while my diagnosis is being made?  Should I go gluten-free, continue the low-res, or simply eat healthy foods and avoid the things I know I can't tolerate?  For instance, the low-res is just about dairy-free, but I've never been lactose intolerant.  Quite the opposite: milk seems to help soothe my stomach when its upset.

Any help or tips are appreciated.  I'm hungry, but afraid to eat.
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