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I started getting sick when I was 17. I realized I could no longer eat fast food, greasy deep fried foods, or meat. I always got severe stabbing pains in my lower stomach. Throughout the years my symptoms began to grow: chronic fatigue (its not just being tired its exhaustion), cystic acne, sore tongue, yeast infections, headaches, weak nails/hair, weight gain, along with this I have irregular periods I get them about once or twice a year, diarrhea/constipation, severe pain when using the bathroom, terrible immune system, and probably a ton more that I'm forgetting. I am now 23, I have been to a few doctors. One thought I just had an ulcer and gave me acid reducers which made my stomach pain worse. Another doctor did a few tests and everything came back negative. I thought for sure I have always had hypothyroidism then I thought I had Crohns. I have tried a lot of herbs and natural supplements. I don't and have never had health insurance and owe about $2000 already in hospital bills. Is there any hope for me?
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I believe you know that something is wrong and you should continue to pursue an answer. IBD is something that can debilitate a person. I was on income assistance for over a year because I was never able to get any relief from medications, diet change, or exercise. It is expensive, but get a second opinion when you are feeling at your worst.
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