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What's the best way to treat acne caused from ulcerative colitis?

My 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis several years ago. One of the symptoms she developed was cystic acne, which we were told can be caused by the colitis.  She's presently on Liadyl and her ulcerative colitis is under control but the cystic acne will not go away. She goes to the dermatologist constantly for injections, but the cysts just go down for a day and come right back up again.  The dermatologist has given her a few prescriptions but nothing helps at all.  She took Accutane for one week and ended up in the hospital with a severe colitis attack.  She never had a problem with acne until 4 years ago when she developed the ulcerative colitis.Is there any product out there that may be helpful to my daughter's situation? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis (in December 2007) and have recently be suffering with acne on my face (chin/ mouth area). I have been given Acuatim cream to use twice a day, and have been told that I should take oral antibiotics if the cream doesn`t work. Every acne antibiotic I review on the neet suggests that they can cause coltis (pseudomembranous?), so I am concernd as to what oral medication I can take?
Any other colitis sufferers out there taking oral acne treatment? If so, what works for you?

Many thx and remission wishes for all.
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i also have ulcerative colitis and have developed cysts on my face, in my ear, behind my ear, on my legs and on my back most of which have caused scars, these cysts stay for months at a time and have left small holes in my skin. i have one n my leg at the moment which has burst, ther are 2 holes in my skin and it has gone purple... starting to worry now... any suggestions on treatment ?
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I have colitis and I treat acne as skin bacteria. I ofund what works at the onset was cream tar, but i also had to unerrstand what feeds bacteria (like sugars). Treating acne is dealing with the actions that cause it : like sugar intake. I have set my limits. I found that green tea brings on acne. I find sulfates agatate skin-I ifnd out all my bodies  allergies, really colitis is almost like uncontrolled or our bodies way of reacting to allergens. Hope that is helpful
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The best way I'm dealing with my cystic acne is through diet. Need to eliminate all food intolerances. Stick with an all natural diet. No processed foods whatsoever. Lots of water, proper sleep, plenty of exercise and stress free as much as possible. These are all good for the colitis too. We need to heal ourselves from the inside out. My acne breakouts seem worse two weeks before my monthly, so it could be due to hormonal imbalances too. There are so many things that can factor in the underlying cause of the acne. But medication is just a bandaid, not a cure. Good luck, to both of us. P.S. Changing my diet really has helped me. It does work.
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