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What's wrong with my father?

My father went to the doctor almost four months ago because of some intense pain in his "butt" area (he wasn't too specific as to where the pain was coming from). He was told that he had some abscesses and fistula and needed immediate surgery. He recovered from the surgery well and was perscribed an antibiotic and pain pills. But, about two months later he was back in the doctor's office with another abscess. They were able to just lance this one in the clinic. He was perscribed 2 more antibiotics and more pain pills.

about a month ago he was back in the doctor's office, and was diagnosed with shingles. He was perscribed yet another antibiotic and pain pills. The antibiotic did nothing to improve the "shingles," so he was the perscribed anti-viral and anti-fungal medications. There has still been no improvement. My mother saw my dad's "shingles" (located on his butt), and says they really don't look like the pictures of shingles she's seen on-line.

My dad went into the doctor again last night, who did admit he's not sure if my dad actually has shingles (he provided no other explination, though). My dad's fistulas remain, but apparently there are no new abscesses-just ones that will not heal. The doctor was concerned that my dad was no healing properly, so he did a biopsy (sp?) of the abscess and the skin around it. He also referred him to a colorectal specialist, who will be contacting him today to set up an appointment.

I need your help! Does this sound like Crohn's?? My father is 58 years old. Every time I Google him symptoms, Crohn's always comes up.

Also relevant-He has lost almost 70 lbs. in the last 2 years, with no real explaination.
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Welcome to our Crohn's Community, where we hope to help through our own experiences of this insidious disease.

It does sound as if your father could have fistulising Crohn's and will benefit from seeing a gastroenterologist - physician, not a surgeon.  The gastro can refer your father to a gastro surgeon, if needs be, but first a definitive diagnosis needs to be made. This entails biopsies of the inflamed tissue, which is then looked at by a pathologist. I don't have that particular kind of Crohn's, as my disease is in the small intestine and the colon above the anus, but I understand Remicade is the preferred medication for fistulising Crohn's.

His weight loss is significant, and is also one of the classic symptoms of Crohn's. The gastro can prescribe an elemental diet (Ensure or Fortijuice) to help with nutrition and malabsorption.

Hope your father gets a proper diagnosis, and treatment, soon.

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