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anal leakage after a entrocele repair

I am a 32 year old female that has had a entrocele repair done 4 months ago.  I was originally scheduled for a entrocele and rectocele repair with prolapse. (the rectocele and prolapse the whole reason on going to the doctor in the first place, also after being passed from 3 different doctors to an OBGYN - who did my surgery) When I woke from surgery I was told that she (the Dr.) only repaired the entrocele and that the "back portion" was "not that bad".

Long story short, I still have a "moderate" case of prolapse, and a more severe case of anal leakage.  I keep a panty liner in my underware at so it doesn't look like I sat in something.  This is becoming an issue with my boyfriend also because its hard to discuss with him and embarrasing during intamate times.

What should I do next?  Go back to my doctor to have the other thing repaired? Deal with it?  or is there medication or a diet that can help with this?

Please help me!
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