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beyond fed up and sick of life like this.

My issues have been on going for over ten years with no answers. When I first went to a GI doctor I was tod I more than likely had colon cancer, chrons, or ulcertive colitis. I had bloody stool, vomiting, unintentional weightloss, and severe abdominal pain. After the colonoscopy I awaited the results of a biopsy of a laceration/ fold in my colon. Doctor changed the term of what he found. Anyway it came back non cancerous and they started running a lot of other test, but they ended up finding cyst caused by endometriosis. My symptoms from this is issue subsided, so I concentrated on the new issue. Well over the years I've had bouts where have bloody stool and its been getting worse over the year. At this point during these episodes I have several bowel movements with only blood, mucus, and what appears to be some sort of tissue. I still have severe pain during these episodes and suffer nausea. Recent colonoscopies have came back norma, but last year they found diverticulits and diverticulousis. I could be wrong, but I don't see this as being the cause of my issues for all these years with five other colonoscopies never finding it. My symptoms all make doctors tell me its one of the three mentioned earlier, but never find evidence of them. Does any of this sound fimiliar to anyone? Also, can you have chrons or ulcertive colitis with a clean colonoscopy? Btw I've done three rounds of anti biotics forthe diverticulitis and it keeps returning. Also I am a 33 year old woman. Thanks for any and all replies.
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Something new and scary. I just passed gas, which ended up being wet. So I went to the restaurant and found a lot of mucus and blood. Stomach has been cramping for days now.
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Hi there!

Well, without a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment specifically on the situation. Endometriosis could run a chronic course with prolonged symptoms over years. Diverticulosis/ itis could be responsible for the symptoms, though I agree that with previous negative tests it is unlikely to be severe. Out of the two, Crohn’s could be present with clean colonoscopy and is a possibility that may need to be considered. Other possibilities that may need to be considered include upper GI issues, motility disorders, irritable bowel, food substance intolerance, chronic infections/ inflammations, hormonal/ endocrine issues etc. If any apparent cause of bleeding is not visible detailed testing may be required to locate the site from which blood is delivered in stools. It would be best to get a detailed evaluation done with a gastroenterologist to look into the matter. After a cause(s) is/are identified, management can be initiated accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Just my advise ...see a rheumatologist! I had anal fistulas for 4 years and colonoscopies before I went to see mine and he just noted my fingernails are not healthy and are clubbed so he did a blood test and saw I have crohns. Ive had it for 7 years in my illeium and had 9 major surgeries. I was able to get treatment that worked for me and am now 27 weeks pregnant with a healthy child. Be your own advocate. Speak up and make them send you to the right doc! It took me 6 surgeries and a colostomy with a colon and rectal surgeon before I took matters into my own hands.
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I agree with sheri641, even in my case it was a rheumatologist who first suspected Crohn's. Moreover, my fatigue, bodyaches, leg cramps etc are well managed by her after diagnosis of Fibromyalgia.

Take control of your body for you know it best!
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I agree with the ladies. My mom has a lot of the same problems, but they say she not only has Fibromyalgia, but IBS as well.

I have Crohn's and I feel your pain about what you're going through. I've had many arguments with doctors about my situation because nothing was every being fixed and they couldn't even diagnose me because the texts they took were condradicting each other.

Don't give up. You know something is wrong; don't give in until you find something that helps you!
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Pl take following Homeopathic medicines

1. Aloe Socotrina-Q (Mother Tincture) 2 drops 2 times a day in 2 teaspoonful water
2. Merc Cor-200 (200c) 6 pills 2 times a day
3. Phosphorus-200 6 pills at bedtime

Take this treatment for 15 days and then give feedback

R.P. Tamhankar
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Sorry about not updating. I actually forgot I even started this one. Shortly after this the GI decided I had more going on and did another colonoscopy. Thankfully this time my bowels were not swollen and he found a mass of some sort and referred me to a surgeon. After two more colonoscopies, a sigmoidoscopy, a barium enema, a ct scan, and finally a resection I am home and healing. We are awaiting the pathology report, as the mass has a similar appearnece as cancer. But everyone is pretty sure my endometriosis has actually grown through the bowel wall. They also found an issue with my kidney, and found I have suffered a stroke in the past. So I still have a ways to go, but it is nice they are finally finding stuff and see for themselves I am not crazy. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. :) good luck everyone.
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