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crohn's? maybe? no one knows...

I had my 1st and only colonoscopy at 17 and an endoscopy at 15 both times i had inflammation yet they only took a biopsy during the colonoscopy which came back negative. Therefore i was lazily diagnosed with ibs. im 22 now and still having the same abdominal problems if not worse. i was given hyoscomine and phenergan for medication. they give some relief but not much. The symptoms i have include constipation and diarrhea, mouth sores, mucus in my stool, occasional hemorrhoids, stomach spasms, nausea, vomiting, inability to eat anything high in fiber,fat,spices. and so on... 5 years later and i spoke with a doctor who ran no tests and decided i have gastro paresis... The longer i wait if i do have crohns, the more damage that will be done if i go untreated... Any advice?
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I dnt no if ur in da uk bt they can test 4 crohns just using stool samples nw, so maybe ask ur dr about doin tht. I was diagnosed when I was 8 but b4 tht drs just thought I had a werid obsession with going to the loo. I'm 24 n never really had a day witout some sort of pain or whateva. but I dont think nt being on treatment will make it worse, as I no its nt nice but its either ur having a flare up or nt, u just need to start worrying n get ur self to a n e if u start pooin blood. I had a leak in my intestines n I hv never felt anything like tht, plus there is so many other things u can get wit hvin crohns like gallstones n kidney stones x
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