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eatin problems

I seem to have a problem with food with the exception of fruit and chicken everything makes me sickly especially in the morning and greasy foods it takes me 4-5 hours in the morning to pass whatever Iate the nite before to pass. I have a couple of bowel movements (small) then I start to feel better but not completly, I go moct of the day not feeling to well and quite frankly am afraid to eat as I don't know from one time to the next what is going to make me sick. I am a diabetic, am always week and shacky. I take a across the counter stool softner which helps me go but even still I sometimes have a hard stool. this hase going on for several months, the VA Doctors can't find anything wrong withe me with mri's and blood tests.
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have you been tested for food allergies?
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No but up until about 6 mos ago I could eatanything I wanted.
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