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I was diagnosed and treated for diverticulitis 12/31/12 with flagyl and augmentin.  By mid-January I became much more ill with significant diarhhea, nausea, fever, and left lower quadrant pain.  I was negative for c-diff 1/12/13 but tested positive 16 days later.  I was prescribed a 14 day course of vancomycin.  I have been taking florastor for weeks to hasten return of normal flora.  Even after treatment diarhhea has been evident with extreme nausea on some days, and painful abdominal spasms.  It seems now that colitis is being persistent.  It has been an extrmely stressful time the last 2+ months treating these symptoms.  I have never had GI issues before this.  Is this the typical pattern people follow before they become well again?
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You should check in with your doctor because diverticulitis can heal with antibiotics or that may not be enough.  Just give a call to the office and describe how you are doing and ask if this is normal and if you are progressing okay or can start Metamucil or something to help you feel better.
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The unfortunate thing about having a digestive/intestinal/bowel disease is that its chronic and difficult to find the right treatment and get diagnosed properly. In my own experience living with my digestive disease, I had to seriously take charge of my own condition and research the options available for treatment and be persistent with my doctors.  I'm a strong believer in finding the best available doctors that have a well respected reputation and treat their patient as a whole person. It took a team of doctors from a University hospital to provide me with a sound diagnose and proper health management.

Please navigate your way to other forums that are for people with the same health condition, like Crohns Foundation, IDEAS, Get Your Guts in Gear and PatientsLikeMe.  There are so many of us that are willing to share the knowledge we have gained through our research.

Best of luck to you.
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