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kidney failure

I have been having symptoms of kidney problems.  My crohn's is mostly in remission but I had several kidney infections over the years.  Now I get up to urinate several times a night and day as well with little urine. I also have an aching back sometimes, strange breath, swelling and itching in the legs and lower ankles.  When I take Cipro antibotics the symptoms disapear  as if I had a kidney infection but,when I give the doc a urnine sample, the doc has said there is not any signs of bacteria in the urine.  But never the less I ask for the antibotics and I get better for a number of weeks then the symptoms reapear.  I have had 2 bowel resections and Historectomy.  Not much in there to remove.  Has anyone had this happen to them and if so can you tell me if you found what was causing the problem and treatment?  I have also been to 2 different docs about this with the same results.
                                                                           Thank you, Dee
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I have had Crohn's for 4 years that I know of and I'm only 25! I have had 5 kidney infections and a kidney stone in the past 6 months. My doctors say is is caused by a fistula (the disease makes itself a tunnel from pointA to pont B) that dumps bacteria from the bowell to the kidneys, this may be something uoi need to check on....
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