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penis pain and throat pain while swollowing

hi iam rajan from india. i had problem in my abdomen for past 6 months. the pain was in my left side.my stool was dark black , mucose and with blood. i was priscribed with 1) omiprazole and domperdone 2) tranexamic acid and mefenamic acid 3) ofloxacin and ornidazole 4) perbiotic and postbiotic combination capsule for 1 week. then still i had the stool with blood and mucoso type and my abdomen pain was very high.

then doctor said to take colonoscopy and thyroid blood test.
thyroid blood test as follows

glucose tolerance test
blood sugar fasting           72   mg/dl

after taking 75gms glucose

blood sugar 1/2 hour           158   mg/dl
blood sugar 1   hour            159   mg/dl
blood sugar 1&1/2 hour       125   mg/dl
blood sugar 2 hour              113   mg/dl

thyroid function test
t3             131.2       ng/dl
t4                7.55      ng/dl
tsh              1.49      mlu/ml

colonoscopy diagnosis report is as follows

transverse colon biopsy                 :    chronic colitis
                                                        no evidence of granuloma or maliganancy
pseudo polyp, plenic flexure, biopsy:   benign mucosal prolapse
                                                        no evidence of granuloma or maliganancy

after these results medicines as folows:

1) omiprazole and domperdone 20 mg & 10 mg
2) sulfasalazine 1000 mg
3) mesalazine 1.2 gm
4) methylprednisone 4mg
taking these medicines for 1 week now i got pain in my penis while passing urine. the pain is in urine track and in the middle of the penis shaft. i dont feel pain in tip or the root. so i went to see the doctor again.

he has changed only one tablet that is 3rd in the above( mesalazine 1.2 gm 1.2 gm) to mesalazine 2 gm granules and did not say anything about the pain in my penis to me. my abdomen pain has reduced like 90%. but this pain in my penis keep troubling me. i also have pain while swollowing  at times. i want to know the reason for this. i also wanted to know how i could cure it completely and is it possible.
please guide me for the treatment, diet types and help me for speedy recovery.  
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Since the pain has passed from the abdomen to penis, chances of a kidney/ureter stone is very high. Also, it's possible that the stone has moved down into the urethra. An X-ray of abdomen will be done first, followed by ultrasound and other detailed tests. Urine routine/microscopic examination too needs to be done.
Apart form this you need to continue your medication. Drink fluids—water, soup, juice etc to help flush out the stone—a small one can get flushed. Please consult an urologist. Take care!
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