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perforations with crohn's

I was told I have a perforation and my crohn's is in my terminal ileum and I was wondering if a perforation can heal itself with no medication or surgery?
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I am amazed you ae not in the hospital with a perforated colon; This is life threatening.  It will not heal itself, it needs resection. Are you sure your doctors are diagnosing a perforation? If they are, they are negligent in not getting you into surgery immediately. Please get it sorted, NOW!!
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Thank you then doctor that told me was not a real doctor he is a doctors assistant the day I had the ct scan the doc. didn't even tell me I had it I found it out three flare ups(1 month later) I wnet back to the er and he said I had one last time on the ct scan it did not show up on an xray the same day so the assistant did an xray instead of a ct scan and told me it healed itself.  That is the doctors around here are I guess thank you very much for your answer.  I have an appointment with a GI specialist tomorrow so maybe when I show him my test results he can get something done. I have 2 kids I can't mess around with my life.thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
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A perforation leaks feces into the abdomin which is deadly.  I'm wondering if it wasn't a fistula.  Let us know
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