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pregnant with crohns

Hey, has anyone else been pregnant whilst suffering from crohns. X  
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Hi there!

Pregnancy may have a positive effect on Crohn’s as the immune system gets suppressed causing symptomatic improvement; while in a few others where symptoms do not get better and the condition may be difficult to manage as most medications would need to be avoided. In a low percentage of women Crohn’s may be related to miscarriage, premature delivery and stillbirths. As far as the medications are concerned, it is best to speak with your treating gastroenterologist to design a regimen with minimal side effects depending on the severity of the condition.
Hope this information is helpful.

Take care!
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I'm currently pregnant with cd and my I haven't had any more trouble than usual. I have a mild case and take no meds other than vitamins and nutritional supliments. So just ask your dr.
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