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stomach cramps

my 9 years old daughter has been having lower stomach cramps st night for 3 weeks now.  We went to the Dr and they put her on a antacid  that's is doing no good.  There were no test or anything. This was 2 weeks ago.  Do I go back to the Dr again or to the specialist?
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If her stomach pain is not getting better, it might be wise to go to a pediatric Gastroenterologist.  

Just a little story.  When my daughter was about that age, she complained of stomach cramping and pain for quite some time.  I took her to the doctors and had her tested for everything except having a colonoscopy.  I eventually found out that she was being bullied by another girl in her class.  Once we put a stop to the bullying, her stomach pains lessened.  Is it possible that your daughter has a bully?  My daughter is now 14 and even now when she has something upsetting her, her stomach will start hurting.
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