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Digestive Pain

I am 40 year old male.  I have Crohns for ten years.  The last three years about once or twice per year for a period of two to four weeks I will get severe stomach digestive cramping.  I take a presribed drug Pentasa daily plus imodium.  I have cut back my prescribed dosage about 50% the last 18 months due to finances and lack of health insurance. The symptons appear to sound like my gall bladder is not working properly.  In the evenings my stomach will be cramped.  I will fell like a bowel movement and only have a little liquid and very small loose bowel.  This will continue several trips to the bathroom over the course of one evening.  My appetite seems normal but don't seem to have my normal bowel movement latley.
My diet consist of a lot of dairy, cereal,  hamburger and bread products.  I probably do not get the vegatables I need.  I am otherwise healthy and usual have a high energy level.  During this time my energy is decreased.  My pain level is high at least during the evenings and a dull achey level during the day.  My stomach hurts just to lay straight on the couch.  As I continue to have a small bowel movement through the evening the pain will gradually decrease but not go away.  I am familiar with a "flair up" as my doctor calls it in my intestines and this does not seem to be that.

IS THIS MY GALL BLADDER?  What can I do to eliminate this problem?

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It sounds like you are having a flare-up and need to be on antibiotics.  contact the dr and ask him if he would prescibe the meds for you.  Since you have chrons he should do this without you having to see him.  Then if it isn't better, your best bet is to go to see the GI dr.  If you aren't satisfied with this dr choose another.
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Since you are having Bowel Movements, You MOST Likely have Diverticulitis in transverse colon near stomach and need antibiotic to kill infection.  

You can find your problem:
Print a picture of Human anatomy from Google section of Images, note where organs are, then touch your body to see where pain is.  Gall bladder on liver, liver below diagraphmm and above stomach,etc

If I were you, I would bet taking papaya enzymes or bromelain, and cayenne pepper pills to reduce inflammation and to possibly KILL any cancer-just google hot peppers cancer!  Also, COFFEE to PREVENT COLON CANCER just google!  

The LONGER you have IBD WITHOUT CONTROLLING INFLAMMATION the GREATER YOUR CHANCE OF DYING FROM COLON CANCER.   You have a 20 Times greater chance than regular folk-this is serious, and man CAN'T CURE it even by removing your colon!!!!!!! Hear about Tony Snow and COLON CANCER?   Tony Snow had Ulcerative Colitis that caused his Colon cancer, Had colon removed in 2005 and cancer returned in 2007, media still called it Colon cancer, but he had no colon cancer.  Check it:

COFFEE TO PREVENT COLON CANCER- 4 to 6 cups a day to live LONGER!
Capsaicin KILLS IS PROVEN TO KILL prostate cancer so I figure it can do a number on colon cancer!
Papaya enzyme or Bromelain effective with IBD are great for IBD-google.

Good Luck!
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Be careful that you don't have an obstruction. You might want to keep an eye on that. I used to have pain and nausea that would come over me suddenly and it would last from minutes to hours, then I'd be ok. This went on for a long time till finally I was real sick and went to the ER. A Cat scan showed a mass in my small intestine that wasn't completely blocking things but was obstructing things just enough that things weren't getting through properly in that area, hence the pain.

You do need to add fruits and veggies but slowly. Be careful with raw, as that can be upsetting to your stomach. But at least add in cooked veggies to start off with. Go easy on the beef. Try to eat more chicken and fish. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water too. And I'd cut back on the dairy as many of us with Crohns have difficulty with diary. You should be able to eat yogurt though, and that would be good getting that healthy bacteria back in your gut. Also, look into getting some probiotics and digestive enzymes and start taking those. They should help.
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I am NO Doctor but Appearantly I am more qualified than your doctor!

Why does your doctor have you taking Imodium since you have Crohn's?
DO NOT TAKE BULKING AGENTS too these are bad!

Why NOT read some of my posts to see what I take for Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
Papaya Enzyme, Cayenne pepper, Garlic just google them to convince yourself
Research on Bromelain..

You gotta get your Inflammation down so that you HAVE ONE BOWEL MOVEMENT every 24 hrs or so!   DO NOT TAKE ANTI-Diarrhea medication to try to achieve this!

The more inflammed your Colon is the SOFTER you will want your stool to be-or YOU WILL BE IN PAIN-so do NOT take anti-diarrhea medication this could lead to constipation which COULD BE DEADLY- toxic megacolon-WITH CROHN'S.    After You  get the Inflammation down, the Colon will work better by removing more and more water from the Liquid food and you will keep noticing that you go to the bathroom less and less.    

Get the Inflammation down
Take care!
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