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Has anybody ever experienced this???? extremely worried (picture included)

Hello guys, to start off I'm a 22 yr old female that's been experiencing bloody mucous discharge in stool for about 7-8 months now. Ill have a week or two where I don't have it but majority of the time its there. I will go to use the restroom and after sitting down ill pass the bloody mucous and then pass the rest of my stool ( sometimes its just the mucous discharge and no stool) i don't have abdominal pain or cramping although i'll feel a little bit of soreness in my rectum but nothing terrible. The blood is always contained in the mucus so its not fresh drops of blood as its always accompanied with the mucus. No signs of diarrhea as its usually either just the bloody mucus discharge or some regular stool. I would say I usually go about once or twice a day. Im extremely worried, I went to the ER and they gave me an abdominal CT scan as well as some blood tests and everything came back fine except for some low iron. Doctor thought it was internal hemorrhoids and I was eventually discharged with a prescription for hydrocortisone acetate suppositories that I took for 10 days but to no avail, I was also referred to a gastro but I called and they wouldn't accept my current insurance considering it's out of state.
Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!!

Warning: picture is graphic https://imgur.com/a/1Fk8W0W
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Hello, welcome to the forum.  Your question didn't get answered in a timely way, apologies for that.  Have you seen a gastroenterologist as of yet? A hemorrhoid's can cause what you describe. IBS can as well. You do need more thorough evaluation and hopefully have gotten that by this time.  Not all GI docs are the same regarding insurance they take and it is worth finding someone to evaluate and treat you considering your iron levels were low.  Let us know any updates.
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I had a similiar situation and my gastro doc put me on VLS3. It's a super
probiotic and very expensive but it helps a lot.
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