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Humira feeling sick

Anyone taking humira and feel like they are sick coming down with a cold for a week after injection?  Not a full blown cold but the start of one.  I feel like this always and this is my 3rd dosage ( counting the starter kit), so I'm new to humira.  I've noticed if I'm stressed, I'll even get a sore throat.  I know humira suppresses your immune system but are you supposed to feel like you're coming down with something every injection or will this go away with time?
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I have had flu like symptoms from Humira before. One thing that helps me is I make sure I drink A LOT of water the day before and leading up to injection.
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Good advice, thank you for sharing that!
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Unfortunately, yes, these are side effects of humira.  Cold and flu symptoms are listed as common.  From drugs.com:  Common side effects of Humira include: upper respiratory tract infection, headache, injection site reaction, skin rash, antibody development, sinusitis, and pain at injection site. Other side effects include: urinary tract infection, abdominal pain, and flu-like symptoms.  https://www.drugs.com/sfx/humira-side-effects.html  I'd tell your doctor you are experiencing this.
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