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I am a 40 yr old woman.I have been trying to see if I can recieve disability, I have severe asthma, migrains, hep c,and  I am having constant bleeding from my bowels. I've had 3 colonoscopy's by two different doctors. the first doctor said i had UC first. Then I got very sick lost 20 lbs. ,ended up in the hospital and he did another colonoscopy and said I had Crohns disease and I would need my colon removed.... I was petrified then he tried Remicaid.
It was a miracle after two blood transfusions and the remicaid I was better and my colon was healing back to normal. I went almost a year with minor bleeding and bouncing back to normal. Suddenly about four months ago I started bleeding again first small amounts now large and all day I do not have diarrea I just bleed.It is not from hemmroids I am sure they bleed bright and spray not clot huge and dark.(sorry so graphic) I feel like I have to hold my breath to go it hurts so bad and then its just  dark blood clots when it comes out. So I had another colonoscopy done because my other doctor left his practice, and this doctor says it's IBD. He showed my mom the X ray and said I had a diseased colon and some scaring but, he's diagnosed me with IBD is that possible that I now only have IBD??? Why am I bleeding all day clots and  so painful? I 'm so confused..... is it possible the doctor is trying to underplay my symptoms because of my disability case?  I am terrified that no one cares, if there is nothing to worry about why am I suffering?
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Ibd is basically Ulcerative colitis and chron’s disease, they are both chronic diseases that cause inflammation in your intestines and other spots, I’m not a professional gastroenterologist or anything but since my uncle has chron’s disease I know a thing or two. Even after  surgery you will still have a bit of Ibd symptoms, you seem to have a lot of bleeding that doesn’t seem to be caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids do cause bright red blood severe pain, and anal itch, it is most likely your Ibd that is causing the bleeding. And also to add on some advice try taking medication daily, instead of just when your ibd gets worst.
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IBD is an umbrella name for Uc and Crohns.  IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  This doctor is probably stating you have and IBD because he may not know 100% which one you have.
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Well, you certainly have a lot going on right now!  I can't answer all of your questions, but I can try and add some insight.

First of all, I am confused on why you only took Remicaid a few times.  Your doctor should have put you on it permanently, since Crohn's is chronic and cyclic, which would have maintained a healthy intestinal tract and also helped prevent future flare ups.  Medications for Crohn's and UC work best by using them all the time, not just when flare ups occur.  That was one problem with your doctor for not understanding either the disease or the medication.

Second of all, the current doctor may be referring to it as IBD as a difference of opinion from the first doctor.  Did you ever see the images of the colonoscopy that determined you had crohn's?  Did you see the images of the most recent colonoscopy?  I think most doctors give them to the patients now, and that you can request them if you want and get second opinions if you want from the same images.  Don't worry about the doctor trying to downplay it to IBD to prevent you from getting disability - that's not his job.  He probably genuinely has a difference of opinion from the first doctor's opinion (Keep in mind the first doctor made some unwise decisions as to your treatment and may not have been correct on his crohn's diagnosis.)

Third of all, I am confused by which type of bleeding you are having from your anus.  Hemorrhoids really do make the most sense - it hurts like heck when you poop with hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids cause bright red blood.  Bright blood is fresh and from around the opening - either from fissures or hemorrhoids.  Dark old blood is from up in the intestinal tract.  Your doctor should be able to inspect your anal region and see the fissures or hemorrhoids.  The colonoscopy would also show what is causing the bleeding.

Hope some of this helps.  I am not a doctor or anything, just a long-time Crohn's patient who has been on many different treatments and had many different experiences.
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