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Inflammation Markers

So. Ive had a lot of stomach pain since I was a teenager. I am now 35. I recently was able to have tests run and a ct scan and colonoscopy have shown structural damage and thickening of bowel walls. Swelling, strictures, tiny ulcers and pseudopolyps all indicative of Crohns. Also malnutrition and dehydration due to damage and swelling of the structures that absorb nutrients. I am still waiting on 3 other tests to confirm diagnosis.

My question is I have mild to severe pain in my joints as well as ultra sensitive spots on my muscles.  Im achy all the time and wake up exhausted even if i sleep an adequate amount.  So there is pain, swelling, damage and signs its all been chronic for years. Yet I have zero inflammation markers. My ESR is 1 and my CRP is 2.  To me that seems abnormally low for a healthy "normal" person. So how can this be?  My platelets are normal.

I have almost dangerously low blood pressure. Anywhere from 55/90-65/100. Only other weird thing is I have panic attacks my red blood cells are abnormally smaller than average and Im always freezing.

Could something make the crp and esr falsly low and there still be inflammation? Makes no sense to me
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