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Leaky Stool Pain in side/back

For some time, I have been having problems with leaking stool and pain in my right side.  For the past couple of weeks I have been having episodes of feeling like gas is going to pass and then I have an explosive dark watery diarrhea.  Afterwards, I will have lower back pain throughout the next 12-24 hours.  Could this be Crohns, colitis or cancer?
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would the cayenne and popaya extract be OK during a flare up? Also, any other tips on natural meds for UC? Thanks!
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Seems like colitis or like some like to call it-IBD.  Crohns is a form of colitis chracterized by DEEP Inflamation.

There is NO CURE for IBD and they just treat the symptoms.

Go to your local and get Papaya enzymes and cayenne pepper capsules in the vitamin section.   take a couple capsules of each one with each meal.  Chew the papaya enzyme and drink the cayenne-WILL KILL CANCER!

More than 16,000 research articles on Cayenne and Cancer..

You have IBD?, then your chance of getting COLON Cancer is 20 times greater than Normal people.

Google: Coffee Colon Cancer

Cayenne will cause prostate cancer cells to commit suicide so WHY Cayenne?
Bromelain is a NOVEL treatment for IBD according to some researchers use scholar.google.com to search and TAKE YOUR HEALTH INTO YOUR HANDS!
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