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Needing some direction

Hello to all... I am a 35 year old mother of two suffering from Colonic Inertia for as long as I could remember. I need to have my large intestine removed and my small intestine will be attached to my rectum, but I'm afraid that I might not be making the right deicison.  I am weak and tired every day and can't even make it up the stairs without feeling like falling over. My legs and arms hurt now, I can't complete a full work day it's getting harder to do, and I don't know if it has anything t do with my colon problem, has anyone had these kind of experiences
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Have you been tested for allergies or celiac?  I'd also ensure you've been to a rehumatologist and had a complete blood workup to ensure there is no autoimmune disease involved.  Colonic Inertia can be due to nerve or muscle diseases.  Have they determined your cause?  I think if you can get some answers to these items you may feel more comfortable with your decision.

I had my colon and rectum removed and a pouch created out of my small bowel as a rectum replacement which was sewn into my muscles as a result of ulcerative colitis.  Life without the disease has been wonderful.
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Are you vegan?
Are your feet and arms burning and tingling besides the PAIN?
Is your sense of balance poor?   Are you guidy?

If you have these symptoms, then you have Polyneuropathy!

For polyneuropathy, these MIGHT help Alpha lipoic acid, B-vitamins, B12-methylcobalim, acetyl-l-carnitine ALONG WITH STOPPING Vegan diet today!
Start eating healthy-FISH,meat,cottage cheese,eggs,cheese,yogurt,Nuts,peanut butter,black or red beans.....You get B-vitamins and protein from these foods.
From Vegan food you get Many Neurological Problems because you GET NO NUTRITION FROM IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have Neuropathy but ARE NOT VEGAN, then like Trudie says you have Celiac disease.   Celiac patients have an Inflamed small intestine so they can eat but very little nutrients get absorbed into the small intestine and taken into the blood stream!  GET CHECKED.
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