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VSL3 Question

I just started taking this super probiotic that needs to be refrigerated. It's very expensive and
local pharmacies don't carry it (buy direct). So I'm wondering if there is a less expensive probiotic
that works as good as VSL3?
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Hello, GettingOlder.  You are wise to first visit a specialty store for this as there are so many to choose from and it can become difficult to know what to choose.  All probiotics are not the same.  Important to note that VSL3 probiotics should always be refrigerated.  And yes, they all seem to have a high price tag.  Amazon does carry VSL3 probiotics,   several options.  I would look at this site page to see some comparisons of prices.  https://www.dietvsdisease.org/probiotics-ibs/  One area often overlooked in probiotic usage is prebiotics.  Do you do anything with that? This is usually fermented food/drinks prior to taking the probiotic.
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Thank you Sara_MHModerator.  I read the pages and links within and learned quite a bit.
I did ask my gastro doc about prebiotics but she said to continue with the VSL3 and Iron
supplements. If nothing changes soon I may try some of the prebiotics. Thanks so much!

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