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Boy, 3, rides toy motorcycle through China city, trying to find his mom

BEIJING – This past Monday, a Chinese boy took the ride of his very young life. The 3-year-old was in the care of his grandfather when he decided that he was wanted to see his mother, who works at a local KFC restaurant.

The kindergartener, from the city of Wenzhou in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang, waited until his grandfather had gone to the bathroom, then set off through the streets on a toy motorcycle.


The bike had been a gift of a relative who had left the battery out the bike. But the boy’s grandfather, surnamed Peng, had decided to install the battery.

The child rode around 1.3 miles before arriving a major Wenzhou traffic intersection.

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Without pausing, the boy zipped right into the middle of the intersection, avoiding buses and other vehicles.

Boy shrugs off talk of fear
At that point, a traffic policeman named Zhang spotted the boy weaving through the cars and gestured toward him to stop the bike, then escorted him to the side of the road.

The boy didn’t know his family’s phone number, but his anxious grandfather – who takes care of his grandson while the parents work – was frantically looking for him on the streets and eventually came across them.

Asked later by Zhang whether he was scared at any point, the boy merely shrugged and said he had already learned how to cross a street.

No word yet whether Zhang cited the boy for traffic violations or let him off with just a warning and a little traffic school.


You gotta see the video. OMG!
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You got to see the video. It was rush hour traffic. I thought my heart would explode watching this.
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Wolf Blitzer was the program I think.
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Okay, not sure, but the link takes you to the video. lol Talk about senior moments. Im having a few
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