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Gingrich targets "sanctuaries" for illegal immigrants

(Reuters) - Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich told a South Carolina town hall on Monday that as president he would block federal funds to any city that "declared itself a sanctuary" for illegal immigrants.

Gingrich, fresh from a key endorsement from an influential New Hampshire newspaper, is on a three-day swing through South Carolina, an early primary state that his campaign has dubbed his "southern firewall."

"No American president has the right to side with foreigners," Gingrich told a crowd of hundreds at the College of Charleston, after reciting a list of 16 countries that he said had filed friend of the court briefs in a Justice Department lawsuit against South Carolina's new immigration law.

The law, which goes into effect on January 1 barring an injunction from a federal court, requires police officers to check the immigration status of anyone they stop or detain for another reason and makes it a felony to knowingly transport or harbor undocumented immigrants.

"In three years and eight months, we defeated fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and imperial Japan. Today, we can't build a (border) fence," Gingrich said. "I would propose cutting off all federal funds to any city that declares itself a sanctuary city."

He said that if UPS and FedEx could keep track of millions of packages a day, the federal government should be able to track illegal immigrants in the country.

But Gingrich added: "I don't believe we'll ever pass a bill which requires us to hunt down every single person" who has been in this country for some time illegally.

Gingrich also said he would favor a "very sophisticated, very clean" guest worker program.

"I think we should go back to the World War Two selective service model where local citizens are certified at a local level, where they actually know the person," he said.

"If the person is a good citizen, has genuine ties to the United States, has genuine roots, they still don't get amnesty, they still don't get citizenship, they still don't get the right to vote. They do get the legal right to be a resident."

Immigrant workers are important in agricultural production in the South as in other U.S. regions, from field labor such as picking and tending fruits and vegetables to working in poultry plants and plant nurseries. They also are a heavy contributor to the manpower for construction crews.

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"He said that if UPS and FedEx could keep track of millions of packages a day, the federal government should be able to track illegal immigrants in the country."

Mexicans... as easy to keep track of as UPS & FedEx packages.

Let's just slap a bar-code on their culo as they swim across the Rio.

Problem solved.

Newt... you're a friggin GEE-NEE-US!!!
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Other than your comment regarding a bar code, I kind of agree with the guy.  I ain't voting for him.... I just agree with his points in reference to illegal immigration.  

This pertains to all illegal immigrants.  I know for a fact that we have illegal immigrants from eastern europe in our community that have been illegal for years, but yet they continue to fly under the radar.  That kind of bothers me.
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Don't believe the the hate machine. Its not about 'those aliens; Its about profit,

Wells Fargo takes heat over investments in private prison industry
By Eric W. Dolan
Thursday, November 10, 2011

The advocacy group Small Business United on Thursday called on Wells Fargo to provide a full accounting of investments related to private prisons and immigrant detention centers.

Wells Fargo is one of the largest investors in Geo Group, Inc. — the second largest private prison company in the world contracted by state and federal government agencies. The group spends millions lobbying for stricter immigration enforcement.

Wells Fargo has claimed the investments in the GEO Group were made by Wells Fargo mutual funds on behalf of clients, not investments made by Wells Fargo and Company.

“We demand transparency,” said Marco Reinoso, owner of Superstar Deli for 26 years and resident of Brooklyn. “I pay my fair share of taxes and deserve to know where the dark money trail leads, and whether our money is being used to further anti-immigrant bills that hurt our economy and lead to many in our community being treated with violence and inhumanity in these detention centers.”

For-profit prisons are associated with heightened levels of violence toward prisoners and have limited incentives to reduce future crime, according to a report by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“The perverse incentives to maximize profits and cut corners — even at the expense of safety and decent conditions — may contribute to an unacceptable level of danger in private prisons,” the report stated.

After spending a month in solitary confinement in a GEO Group operated Texas prison, 32-year-old Jesus Manuel Galindo allegedly died of an epileptic seizure in December 2008. The cell lacked an operational intercom, which would have allowed Galindo — who needed regular medical attention — to call for help. The neurologist who reviewed Galindo’s autopsy said he was “set up to die.”

In another incident, former GEO Group employees working for the Texas Youth Commission failed to report horrid conditions at a GEO-operated prison in Texas. An independent report found the bug-infested prison smelled of feces and urine, had numerous water leaks and racially segregated the young inmates.

“Prisons have turned into a business for the rich,” said Esmeralda Valencia, owner of Esmeralda Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY. “Wells Fargo should not be investing our hard earned dollars to make profits off of the most vulnerable members of our society. Instead, they should be working to resolve this economic crisis and support immigrant neighborhoods.”

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I agree with his sentiment and points in reference to illegal immigration as well... the barcode thing was a jibe.

Quite honestly... I don't want to TRACK em', I want to TAX em'!
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Heard Newt make a comment the other day along the lines of, "I don't want to deport a guy who's been here for 25 years, with real ties to the US now.  If he's been paying taxes and over stayed a visa, I think this is something we can deal with.  He is a productive member of society without any serious law infractions.... why run him out of the country?"

I agree with that, I guess.  But this is where the line begins to get wavy or rather thin.  You let this guy stay, so what about the guy that is here 20 years, what about 15, 10, 5, all productive tax payers, gainfully employed..... now what?  Newt said something along the lines of giving them legal status to continue to work in the US.  

Part of that makes me feel like it will encourage more illegal immigration, and more being sneaky and flying under the radar.  After 5 years or whatever they deem necessary to get on board legally, Shazam!!!  You're legal now! ???  Really?  
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Illegals working in many industries do indeed pay taxes including social security which they will never collect.
This illegal immigrant fear supports a booming industry in immigrant detention centers.

More than 1,400 millionaires paid no U.S. income taxes in 2009, according to an August report from the Internal Revenue Service.
In addition, 25 percent of all millionaires pay a smaller percentage of their income taxes than millions of middle class households.

Tax the 1%.
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Hm.  This is crazy as I am not a newt fan. . . but . . .  I like what he said about amnesty.  Why?  Because I am sick and tired of robotic politicians that feel they can't vere from the party line.  If these people don't learn to compromise and be more flexible---  nothing will ever improve.  

And---  my husband has been to meetings where 1000 employees are there and they give them badges with bar codes for the week.  They have to use it for access, meals, etc.  Maybe we should all have bar codes.
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Let's just open the border and let them ALL in.

It boggles my mind how easily you people are willing to give up our country.

Do you not understand that we are paying HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars each and every year (taxpayer dollars) to support these ILLEGAL mexicans??? ($238B/yr, or thereabouts)

And yes orphanedhawk... some pay SS-tax that they never collect. Awesome. But that's an extremely small percentage of the whole. The majority don't pay ONE RED CENT, yet they reap the benefits of free healthcare and a tax-free existence.

This country was founded on Christian values, hard work, and everybody paying their FAIR SHARE...

Close the border, and make them pay taxes... ALL OF THEM, and I'll not have a problem with those that are already here, staying here. But NO MORE can come in, unless done through legal channels.

OR, we can do what you guys want to do, and just open the border and give the friggin country away, one small piece at a time.

This argument is getting old.
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Open the border?  Is that what I said?  Jesus, maybe I need something other than black coffee to understand what I said.  I was under the impression I said that I agreed with Newt when he said if a guys been here for 25 years, not a felon, and has been a productive member of society... make it easier for him to have a legal status.

To me, that sounds nothing like opening the borders but maybe that's why I do what I do for a living.
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Wasn't directed at you Brice... it was a general rant.


Haven't had my coffee yet this morning!
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Gotcha.... me neither really.  Our little town is considered a "sanctuary city".  There are privately (the legitimacy of the term private is in question) funded agencies here for the purpose of helping illegals become legal.  It is rumored that over 30% of our hispanic population is here illegally.

I've got inside sources within law enforcement that have told me straight out that it is far too expensive to try to deport these people, when the simple fact of the matter is that they will likely be back in the states within 72 hours of being deported.  What law enforcement is doing now is placing an ICE hold on criminal offenders.  If an illegal commits a felony, they will hold the felon and let ICE deal with them, otherwise... parking tickets, nothing.  Speeding tickets, nothing if they pay them.  It is to the point now that they cannot inquire of ones legal status if they are not suspected of committing a felony.  How's that working for us?  It ain't, to make short work of that answer and local law enforcement has its hands tied.

We've got a "free medical clinic" in our community.  No appointment needed, but if you have the means to pay/insurance, you are required to pay.  I had to take my youngest child there one time.... we were the only white people in the waiting room, and nobody spoke english.  Nobody.  We were about 12 people back in the line.  It took us 2.5 hours to get seen.  When we got the bill, it would have been cheaper for us to go to the frigging emergency room.

A lot of local resources are being chewed up here, and we are a tiny community.  We can't seem to get any help either.  It is a mess, and it is only getting worse.  Basically the illegals are being told, "go ahead and come here, but don't get in trouble.  If you don't get into trouble, you can stay as long as you want."  Then the ones who've been here for a while tech the new comers how to use the system.
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It's an old argument because it appears that it is hard to close those borders.  Does anyone actually want free access to this country other than those that are coming over?  Only folks I can think of are the losers that want to cheat the system and have cheap labor.  So, more prosecuting of those that employ illegal entrants to this country would help the situation.  (maybe)
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My little town (Houston) is considered a "sanctuary city" as well...

Trust me Brother, I feel your pain.

With my medical issues, I find myself in the ER quite often. It is beyond frustrating to sit in a waiting room for 3 hours with a kidney-stone, knowing that I'm the only one with insurance, looking at the mexicans with their runny-nosed children that are only there because their kid has a cold and they need some Tylenol.

As for it being too expensive to deport them all... I humbly disagree. Divide the $238BILLION federal dollars that we spend each year on illegal mexicans, by the 22 million that reportedly here, and you come up with approximately $11,000 ($10,818.00 to be exact).

Give each illegal mexican in the country $11,000, and boot them out. Surely $11K is enough for them to crawl out from under the rock they're living under, and go back to their own country.

Not my problem that their country is a drug-ridden, corrupt, cartel-controlled, barely-3rd-world nation.

I have zero tolerance for the illegals in this country, as they are DIRECTLY effecting my personal bottom-line (yes, they are taking money out of MY pocket).

Brice, you've heard me say it before... Keep your freaking hands off my paycheck. I feel like everyday I'm being pickpocketed by a mexican.

Each time I see a pickup-truck with day laborers hanging out of the back, that I know isn't carrying liability car-insurance, I'm being jacked.

Again, this argument is getting old...
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ABSOLUTELY, that would help the problem.

Fine them. Close them. Prosecute them. Jail them. But we have to do SOMETHING to those that employ illegals, and circumvent the system. THEY are the ones that are perpetuating the problem.

If there was no way to work and no one would hire them and pay them, let me tell you how fast they'd all disappear...

POOF... mexicans no more. They are here for the $$$, nothing more.
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There you go quoting falsehoods.This is what happens when you watch and believe false news from FOX.

I looked at fact check.org.

Cost of Illegal Immigrants
Posted on April 6, 2009

Q: Do illegal immigrants cost $338.3 billion dollars a year? More than the Iraq war?

A: A chain e-mail that makes this claim is loaded with errors and misleading assertions. Published studies vary widely but put the cost to government at a small fraction of that total.
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Try reading, how about history? Take your mind out for a stroll away from the television.
You might actually learn something.

The U.S. is only a "Christian nation" insomuch as about 75% of the population claims to be Christian. The U.S. government was founded as a secular nation. Even the founding fathers were not all Christians, some were deists, some were atheists and some were Christian.

"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion...." Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11. 1797 (Ratified unanimously by the senate and signed into law by John Adams, founding father and second president.)

"In god we trust" was not made a permanent part of our currency and "One nation under god" was not added to the pledge until the mid 1950s.
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The $338 billion dollars was a figure I found on a government site. I'll do what I can to find it again.  I was almost as shocked as you were at the size of the figure, but I quickly put it into perspective.

El... giving $11k to illegals and throwing them out is a band aide.  72 hours later, they'll be back, as long as some groups are willing to harbor them.  It's a no brainer, really.  I live in squalor in Mexico.  I know Joe Schmo will hire me to pick fruit or do concrete work for about 25 times what I'd make in Mexico.  I pay someone some money to get me over there, or pull a sneak.  If I get busted and end up in the slammer, I get 3 hots and a cot until they run me off,  If they throw my butt in prison, 3 hots and a cot at no expense to me... so even now I am saving my family money in Mexico.

There just is no deterrent, and for the jack ***** that hire illegals, there is not a whole bunch of punishment there either.  Hopefully there will be and we can nab some of these SOB's perpetuating the problem and run them out of business.
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"Take your mind out for a stroll away from the television. You might actually learn something"

You must have majored in condescension in college, or at least majored in it, or does it just come naturally?
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  Yes, I had seen that on factchck as well. Amazing how all that misinformation goes around and why they have to twist the facts for a poor soul to have to chck for facts isnt it. Personally I think the Dream Act is a good idea.
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I should apologize for my snotty tone.
It really has been a challenge to be nice, due to the side effects from the meds for my treatment.
Normally, I aim for facts compassion.

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