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Health Care Reform

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I think the Bill being proposed is just bigger government and less freedom of choice. It is always explained with a few words though has what, 2,000 pages. Still is not covering all citizens which is suppose to be what it is all about.
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As I've posted I am for a plan that would provide health care coverage for all Americans with a graduated premium. I would believe that if a person has their own health care insurance coverage that they should be allowed to opt out though. There are aspects of the current bill I am strongly for such as the Community Choice Act (which I have been a supporter for years on its own) and aspects I do not support. I still believe that if it is passed before then there will be some revisions in it as there usually are (as there are negotiations between both sides) and unfortunately some political pork thrown in. Health care coverage should be available for all Americans. I don't know if this bill is the optimum way to provide it. I have the text of the bill bookmarked from a thread a while ago and I am still trying to read it through it:
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I did hear some of it read,  one of the things is EVERYONE has to have it there is no choice , and if you dont pay its a big fine, if you dont pay the fine they can if they choose chuck you in Jail. My daughter in UK  cannot get a mammogram till she is 50 even though on her fathers side 2 Aunties have had cancer, After the first Baby you have to have children at home its too expensive to have them in hospital if like me the cord is wrapped around the Babies neck, the one midwife sends for what they called a Flying' Abulance to hospital, hopefully you get there in time again this was in London it may vary in differant cities, but I was told NO to hospital with 2 of my children, .  till you reach an age that is deemed as old' so you may go to hospital again, my brother waited for many months to get a prostate test then more to get the results ....I could go on and on , I fled from the socialism in UK....You wait several days to see a Doctor in many places, they are paid by the Government so they dont do too well.In UK you pay what they call a 10 pound stamp to pay for it, its going to be hugely expensive here. Best thing is to google for all the horrors that happen under a Government run health care system, the Brits are used to it, they havent known much else ...My own feelings are I hope the Senate throws it out.....Oh heres a tidbit they are trying to pass a bill where all will be given a card they carry with their carbon footprint on if they go over what they are allowed guess what fines ,and worse .....
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I have a lot of problems and have to go to drs constantly. I would definitely go over my allowed amount. They may decide I am too expensive for care!

I would think leaders that are voting on this bill would be ashamed to vote yes on such a thing. I can't believe that drs would want the government to control what care they can give their patients. Prices are not cheap to get treatments and tests, but if it is required to help a person, it should be left up to the individual to choose their care.

I searched for more than 20 years to find out the problem that affects my voice. I did finally find out, but I went through a lot to get to the right dr. That would not be allowed if the Bill was during that time.

Having babies outside of the hospital is very risky. Before they went to hospitals, there were a lot of deaths for women as well as the babies.

It is good to have someone that has been in that situation to advise us on what it is like.

I am glad that there is a site we can go to that we can see what the Bill is about. Hope they have the whole thing posted.

Thank you both for your valuable information. RJ
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The perfect solution to which no known problem exists.
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Yes I've noted that many people are opposed to it and I can see why. I also have heard similar stories myself from people who lived in the U.K. or Canada offsite. I would not agree with the concept of socialized medicine. There are people here in the various forums from Canada or the U.K. who cannot find coverage for medications that are commonly prescribed in the United States because of health care rationing there. However, there are many people in the United States without health care coverage. What would people want to see instead?
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