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High School Coach Moons Fans During Game

One assistant high school coach brought a new meaning to "backfield in motion" during a high school football game in New York City.

The Boys and Girls High School assistant coach dropped his shorts during the game, exposing his backside to the home fans of the Campus Magnet High School in Queens, N.Y. after a disputed call by the referees.

The surprising show of skin from the assistant coach came after a shoving match on the field between assistant coaches and school safety officials.

"His fellow assistant coaches were holding him back and he turned around and pulled down his shorts," David Sumter, 40, a Campus Magnet parent told the New York Daily News. "All I saw was his big [rear end]."

The melee began when Campus Magnet scored a 2-point conversion try after the team's running back Raeshawn Lewis was apparently stripped of the ball as he crossed the goal line, according to the Daily News. When the refs confirmed the ruling on the field, Boys and Girls Club assistant coach Clive Harding ran to dispute the call.

School safety officials were then summoned as the assistant coach continued to yell at officials, which stoked the assistant coach's anger.

The refs then ejected the team's coach Barry O'Connor and Harding as fans continued to heckle the them.

That's when Harding lost his shorts.

Walking to the fence, he began screaming at fans and then gave them an eyefull of his backside.

"I think he was so frustrated and he wanted to fight and some people were using curse words and he couldn't do anything," Sumter told the Daily News. "It's out of line. If you're getting beat and it's a bad call, you take it in stride. You don't pull your pants down."

But while Harding's action were less than stellar, his players'actions were anything but.

"Both benches, especially the Boys and Girls kids, acted like gentlemen," PSAL Commissioner Alan Arbuse told the Daily News.

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Outstanding....another role model.  The world is full of them.  It's kind of ironic in cases like this where its the kids that act appropriate, and the adults fly off the handle.  You had the mom last week playing referee at her teenage daughters fight....this guy mooning the crowd.... but I will stand on the dad's side who defended his daughter on the school bus.  He could have used a bit more tact, but I bet it works.
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Nicely said.
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I also support the father standing up for his daughter on the bus.
The rest need to grow up,
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