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Is Sander's religion helping Clinton win votes ?

Although I haven't been able to find a news piece about this, I've wondered if part of Clinton's wins in the South had more to do with Sander's not being Christian than anything else. The day after winning South Carolina, Clinton celebrated a church. All those black church goes voting for her may say more about their views about religion than about liking Clinton, per se. This is just my thoughts~ anyone have any comments ?

Too keep things kosher, here's a somewhat related, or not,  link

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I'm not sure it's that big a deal...

"Still, Mr. Sanders’s Jewishness, even in its secular style, may not be much of an issue. A Gallup poll last year found that 92 percent of Americans said they would vote for a Jewish president, double the percentage from when Gallup first asked the question in 1937, and roughly the same as those who said they would vote for a woman, an African-American, a Catholic or a Hispanic. (Only 47 percent, however, said they would vote for a socialist.)"

Clinton is hard to like, all the way around... Bernie's a lot easier to like, it's just his policies that people don't go for.  I haven't really heard much of anything about religion on the Democratic side this time. If I liked either candidate and freedom of religion was not under attack, it probably wouldn't really be much of an issue.
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Freedom of religion is under attack?
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I didn't say it was... I said "if I liked either candidate and freedom of religion was not under attack, it probably wouldn't really be much of an issue"... meaning neither candidate were attacking my right to believe as I choose or insisting that everyone belong to one specific religion.  Neither of the Democratic candidates are doing that, in which case, I don't think religion is having that much of an impact.
Thanks for clarifying.  Religion is religion and politics is politics.  In my opinion and with as much emphasis as "religion" has within politics.... it may be part of the problem.  People putting their religion first, above anyone else's beliefs.
I don't really think anyone currently on this forum would care about a candidates religion but I know some bible belt folks who would definitely not vote for a non-Christian. It's not what should be, but I do think there's some people who are swayed that way.
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