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Is it OK to bash politician's families and children?

Children and families of politicians and other notable people are often the target of public ridicule.  Do you think this is OK?  Or should they be considered off limits?
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I believe the politicians who has put themselves out there in the public eye are fair game.  But families and children?  No way.  They're off limits.
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  No unless they are entering politics as well, are politically active and/or work with the politicians themselves and take an active political stance (and of course are adults). That can happen at times but usually is not the case. In general it can be an inappropriate form of humor by comedians or if carried too far a form of harassment. They should be left alone.
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Common sense says no its not okay, It is also not okay for that politician to expose those children on a political platform for political gain. Once the polititician breaks the rules of protocol, they set this kind of thing in motion, and they are the responsible party that is bringing harm to their children by doing so.
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I voted no.  We need to start judging the individual and the individual only.  After all, each person is an individual.  Not that I am a Cheney fan, but far too much was made of his daughter being lesbian...like its a crime or something.  And why waste time on Bristol Palin and all of her drama when her mom stirs up enough for the state of Alaska?

It's not only a waste of energy, but severely misguided.  But the fact is that tabloid fodder sells newspapers and advertisement spots with the networks, so it is all about the money.
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The politicians are the ones who want the public's trust; so, they're the ones who should be scrutinized. Save the bashing for the politicians!
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