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Just a wish for you all over the world!

Today begins the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon ~ a powerful new year ahead, indeed!
This is the perfect day to set your intentions....


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Side note regarding the pic.... I have a few tattoo's.  Some have some real thought into them, some have some meaning or are attached to a specific place in time, and some are the most ill thought pieces of junk in the world.  One that fits this last demographic is a "cool" dragon I have on my forearm.  

As most bad tattoo stories start, I had been drinking..... (Wonder decision making... both drinking and deciding to get this tattoo.)  I saw this serpent.  I just knew I had to have it.  It was a tribal piece, but very simplistic.  I sat down, had another beer and got it.

I wake up the next morning and my wife witnesses the thing for the first time.  First words out of her mouth were, "what does the S stand for?".  I said, "S???  It's not an S.  It is a dragon or serpent...."  

I look at the damned thing and it is clearly an S...... what an idiot.
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I had a helper that got a Skull and Cross Bones tattoo. The Skull looked just like the head of Casper the Ghost. He was pi$$ed.
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I was in my son's second grade classroom where they did a lot of talking about the chinese new year.  It should be a very good year!!  AND . . . didn't know this, but it is good luck to get a hair cut the first two weeks of the new year.  AND,  I really liked this with my kids, presenting with good manners at the start of the new year brings good luck to your whole family.  I've been heard saying to my boys, please don't bring bad luck on our family----  use your manners!!  And they believe in good luck, so they listen!  I'm trying to figure out how to keep this going.  

Happy new year and may the year of the Dragon be a good one for us all.
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Did anyone else notice the biggest solar storm in years started on Chinese New Years, year of the dragon??
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what do you think this means????  
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I just notice the symbols.
As far as the meaning goes~ I could say it means everything is connected:)
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Sounds good to me!!
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