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Most admired Man of 2009
1. Barack Obama -- 30 percent
2. George W. Bush -- 4 percent
3. Nelson Mandela -- 3 percent
4. Glenn Beck -- 2 percent
5. Pope Benedict XVI -- 2 percent
6. Rev. Billy Graham -- 2 percent
7. Bill Gates -- 2 percent
8. John McCain -- 1 percent
9. George H.W. Bush -- 1 percent
10. (tie) Bill Clinton -- 1 percent
10. (tie) Tiger Woods -- 1 percent

Most Admired Woman of 2009
1. Hillary Clinton -- 16 percent
2. Sarah Palin -- 15 percent
3. Oprah Winfrey -- 8 percent
4. Michelle Obama -- 7 percent
5. Condoleeza Rice -- 2 percent
6. Queen Elizabeth II -- 2 percent
7. (tie) Margaret Thatcher -- 1 percent
8. (tie) Maya Angelou -- 1 percent
9. (tie) Angela Merkel -- 1 percent
10. (tie) Elin Nordegren Woods -- 1 percent

Who would you choose?

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OMG that USA today...hummm some weird choices there ...I would definatly have Glen Beck there for telling us the truth, we would not know what was going on but for him and the others,...  the only others I like on that list is Nelson Mandela and Billy Graham ,maybe the Pope ...for the women maybe Sarah Palin ...Margaret Thatcher .I think that I would nominate the people of America  we have been ignored by this President , our wishes ignored we dont exist in his eyes unless he is calling us arrogant and derisory...
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OMG Bill Clinton and Tiger tied! Funny! I like ole Bill just would not want to be married to em?

Personally, I like Hillary but like Con Rice better, so I would switch those two. Obama is good, but spiritually
Billy Graham should be tied with him. I am surprised McCain did not rank higher, but hey! No one asked me.
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flmagi   Ha Ha Ha magi why am I not surprised at a personal attack from you....jealous are you...yes maybe I should be at the top of the list....lol you are always amusing if nothing else ......lol
535822 tn?1443976780
Ohhh you are sooo funny .....LOL
535822 tn?1443976780
Yipee ...please show me any personal attack like you have perpetrated on me ...please tell us on all these threads ...
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For men I would choose Nelson Mandela.  He sacrificed a good portion of his own life for the good of his country and what be believed in.  I just think he is wonderful!

For women....hmmm...probably Maya Angelou.  I like what she stands for and the message she sends our worlds young women.

Lol, there is the peace keeping tree hugger coming out in me again....Kum bay ya anyone?  
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Ha Ha Ha Ha good one guys ha ha you are soooo amusing you make my day
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Now Margy, we have been down this road before and you know I pretty much stand alone. I do not need 10 people to come to my defense.I am part of no click.  No, no emails asking for it or comments to others to come sling mud! However, after seeing what happened on the forum yesterday with allaboutmary, I just might change that tune. That is just wrong. Now I know what happened to the rest of the members.  :)

Now you know you love me! Admit it! I no u do! :)
I bring punch to an otherwise boring forum, you no I do! lol
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Good selection. I would never have thought of either of those. Guess it is different depending on where we each live. Interesting! :)
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of the men listed: Pope Benedict XVI... the Catholic in me chooses him. But, the one pontiff that I really admired was his predecessor, Pope John Paul II.

of the women listed... Margret Thatcher, I always liked her "fire" and her spirit.
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More good choices. This is so cool. Seeing where each of us is coming from. Very Interesting.
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I can understand why Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods were tied. The Blue Dress, and his famous quote, under oath to the entire Nation and world, "I did not have sex with that woman". That I will never forget. Typical of a person that is unfaithful.

The poll most likely would not be the same if USA Today, had not lost so many members because of their putting Obama on a pedestal every single magazine that covered him and McCain, and never had one positive word about McCain. I had their magazine, and instead of listing the goods and bads on both sides, they bashed the entire Republican side and praised the entire Democratic side. When you sit in the middle and look at the scales, it is disgusting and a waste of money. I canceled, and you think I got a refund. What a laugh. It was suppose to be informative, not choosing my vote for me.

magi, why don't you get a life and leave Margy alone. You never give good information, only insults. Go educate yourself. If I want to agree with her, and not you, that is my choice. You have insulted her since I start reading anything she has been on and I didn't even know her. You peeved me off when you kept insulting her saying she didn't know anything because you were born here and she wasn't. What a horrible thing for any American to say. You have insulted every single person that had different views, so now you call them followers. You draw people to defend her, then you work on them with your insults to peeve off more people.

You are 3rd on the list. Did you answer the question, no, you insulted Margy. What is your problem? Do you hate her and everyone else that does not agree with you, or is it the only thrill you get in life?

You can come back with your insult to me, I could care less. But at least answer a question.

535822 tn?1443976780
Thank you RJ... I have pondered on her preocupation with having a 'Go' at me , maybe she doesnt like blondes .....LOL
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Some people don't belong on that list because they are just celebrities and have done nothing specific either way. I would agree with the choices that some people posted but (out of the list, I would have chosen other some other people) I would add that I agree with Bill Gates being on the list because with his contributions through philanthropy he has helped some countries such as India help start their own businesses and have a rising middle class. A person's help must be measurable and concrete. Of course Nelson Mandela would be first on the list because not only was he dedicated to ending apartheid in South Africa, he was arrested for decades.
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I don't know what it is, but we were all immigrants except for the Native Born American Indians. Then we were born here. We are mixed from about every Country in this world. They all came for the same reason, Freedom and Opportunity. To have another give up their Citizenship to become a part of this Nation, then stand up to protect it, says a lot. You know more about the History of this Nation than a lot of people. America should be honored to have a person be that dedicated to be willing to take the insults, etc. that you have, and still want to stand up for their freedom.

I was not raised that way. I have never made it a habit to insult or hurt people. I don't like it. I will say what I think. I try to have facts if I speak, but I hate to see anyone abused, by physical means or words. Words can cut deeper than any knife, and those that practice trying to hurt someone's heart, or put another down, trying to raise themself up, need lessons in how to act like a human being. What we say and do to others, speaks out to reveal the person we are. No one has dibs on being an American. Those born here are blessed. We talk of love and compassion for others as Americans. The Great Nation of Opportunity. Yet to have anyone try to turn around from open arms to using an American's place of birth to make them less American than them, insults what this Nation stands for. Illegal immigrants get more respect and consideration, and they are breaking the law and sucking the Country dry. They take jobs, and we sit in poverty, wondering if there will ever be an employment opportunity.They get free medical care and it can't be collected back from them because our laws do not apply to them. They pay no taxes, yet can get federal funding for just about anything they want. Yet, they should be given Citizenship because they managed to suck the Country dry for 5 years without being caught? We have a man born here, calling himself American, then go to a Fort of Armed Forces that they are suppose to be a part of, then kill as many as they can. But that was an American because he was born here? Honor, love, devotion, and respect for this Great Nation makes us American.

There is all kinds of discrimination, and cruelty in this Country. Some know what it is, some ignore what it is, and some know it and do it. It is sad.
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Hm, I'd have to say Billy Graham and maybe Maya Angelou.
535822 tn?1443976780
Thats a great Post RJ  you put down the words I search to find ,I cannot better it , I totally agree with it ...
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Continually telling someone they are from somewhere else when they are an American is Wrong, and very ugly. That is where someone should speak up. I have never heard anyone throw off on someone continually reminding them they are not "original", and don't know what they are talking about because of it. This did not just start, and you have been guilty of it too. "She doesn't know because she wasn't here." If I choose to speak up, that is my choice. You are not my mother, so kindly do not tell me what to do or say. If you don't like it, then you stay out of it. I was not talking to you and I am sure magi can speak for herself. As a fellow American, you should have spoke up and not have been a part of it either. It is discriminating to every person that has ever chose to become an American Citizen. Think about it. This site is open across the entire US and the world. How would it make you feel to read a born American say that to you or read it and be a Citizen by choice not birth? If no one says a word about it, then it would appear that is how we all feel that are born here. Insults are one thing, but to bring in their Citizenship is entirely different. I would have been hurt deeply to feel I was considered a second class Citizen, and would hope that someone would step in on that. If no one else wants to say it, I will. Liking or disliking a person would make no difference to me. I don't see eye to eye with what a lot of people say, but I would do the same thing for any of them. That is a low blow. It is not acceptable behavior, no matter who it is. magi and I don't see eye to eye, but if you did that to her, I would do the same thing. If I am wrong, I will say I am wrong. If I see someone wronged, I will defend what I think is right.
535822 tn?1443976780
... For anyone reading  this rubbish..none of this is true but for the record I will say that after the  Thread on The MH Social Forum last year got deleted several of us got warnings ,not just me ask teko, , thats all, so Flmagi is making up stuff to gain kudos ,for some strange reason ..All I can say is to all take a look back at the insults and attacks I have taken most times with some humor at lightening it up, take a look for youselves , I have had to defend myself many times . for having my opinion ........
535822 tn?1443976780
LOL also for the record I have sent no notes nor done any 'recruiting'  I sent a couple of PMs to friends no law against that I dont think....I am going to see the funny side of this .....so many lies ....
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I remember the MH Social forum. I was getting warned left and right as well as everyone else. We were all bad! All of us. I pretty much stood alone over there also. Much like here. That is one reason the community forum was invented. Go over there and carry on like this and they threaten to throw us off and then they delete the whole post. Over here on the other hand, I do not think they edit this. do they? No one is innocent, no not one! I cannot cast the first stone, but I have sure thrown my share back! LOL And will continue to do so when provoked. (shaking head yes)

That is what happens when ya tick someone off? Yup! Sure is!
535822 tn?1443976780
Yes you are right we were all at it , it went on for days on end ......do you know I cant rememebr what started it but I know one similar, maybe have been that one ,was about abortion , pro life or pro choice ....another touchy topic
203342 tn?1328737207
Teko, yes the community is watched as well and they have deleted some posts as well as sending me a message asking me and helpinutah to look at certain posts that were under watch. Yes, we have more freedom on the communities but they still ask that there be no personal attacks, bad language or fighting. We do need to be careful. I'd hate to see any of the communities shut down.
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How did defending citizenship, go to "trouble maker, down in the ditch, and gang banger". Do you know what gang banging is?
Those are some filthy words you are saying.
That wasn't enough, you threatened me on top of that?

I will not resort to that kind of filthy language or threats.

You won't tell me what subject or person, I can and can not defend. Did it ever cross your mind that I may not have been born here?

So it is okay to talk to me like trash under your feet? Exactly why I defended Margy's citizenship remarks. You said to me, she doesn't know, because she wasn't here. I didn't lie. You said it.

At least when I told you that you were not my mother, I said "kindly' do not tell me what to do. You respond with putting me down to filth?
I'm not new, Teko.

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