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Palins Book

Very much part of currant events is Sarah Palins book, I may get it,sound a good read. I must admit I have been shocked at the attacks she has recived and can only assume that most of it is because the left wing radicals are afraid of her, no doubt she is popular maybe she will run in 2012 .... they feel threatened certainly the 'Lame stream media feels threatened .
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Have her on speed dial too?
She really is pathetic and no, I am not scared of her. But, I do get bored once I stop laughing at her interminable inconsistencies - or should we call them what they are - lies?
She is she isn't, she was she wasn't, she did she didn't, she will she won't.
Basically she's a quitter - you call that tough? She couldn't even finish her term as governor and, if you believe that poppycock explanation she gave for quitting, I have got some stuff to sell you - real cheap too.
She is visiting a Sam's Club nearby soon. You have to be a member of Sam's or register as a member of Sam's in a special tent Sam's set up for registration and  then get an arm-band and then buy her book if you want to get to see her and get a book autographed. Yep, that's your average Joe alright.

BTW, I didn't see any film on the "Lame Stream Media" of the crowds at the 2008 McCain/Palin presidential campaign pretending to be film of the the turnout for Palin's book tour. It was an outright and obvious lie. And it isn't the first time either for Foxx.

"Last week, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show caught Fox News' Sean Hannity running old footage of September Tea Party crowds in an attempt to make Michele Bachmann's smaller November Tea Party shindig appear to be more well-attended than it was. Is Fox up to the same tricks today? Faiz Shakir at ThinkProgress thinks so, and he pulls a segment that seems to tout the crowds that greeted Sarah Palin on the stump during the 2008 campaign as throngs that are gathering to purchase Sarah Palin's book, Going Rogue."

Oh yeah, that's what they call fair and balanced. Too funny.

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Ha Ha there you are I wondered when you'd pop up, course it could be good old fashioned sexism , even Hilary Clinton got  that when she ran, the lame stream couldnt shoot her down fast enough even with her experience and OBamas lack of it got him in . Whilst I have you on the thread mikesmom do you think that he could be trying for World /Global Leadership ...you got to admit seems like there's more going on than is talked about ...whats your take on where America is headed ....
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As far as I'm concerned, anytime Sarah Palin wants to get divorced I'm available. I have read her book and believe she is an intelligent talented competent and compassionate human being, and could serve as a role model for any American. She represents everything that is good and decent about America. She would make a fine Commander-in-Chief.
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I watched her interview with OReilly tonight and she is very intelliegent ,as you said , I was impressed by her, and she speaks truthfully about all the concerns we have ..she is on America's 'side she believes in us and the Constitution I doubt we will ever hear her apologise for us or call us derisory ,arrogant, ..come to think of it I have never heard another Leader speak thus about his country ....except this Leader .
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I like Sarah Palin. I think that she stands for the everyday person. She never hesitates to salute the Flag of this Country. She cares about the direction this government is taking our Country. She respects and cares about all people. She does not look down her nose at others. The Country that has given us freedom through the men and women that have served and are serving this Country, she holds in great respect. She does not mind telling others she shops at a second-hand store. She is very intelligent and uses her energy to the good of others and realizes our leaders are to serve the people, not the people serve them.

The way Sarah Palin has been treated, I don't think is because she is a women, I think it is because she represents the Heart of America. When I see how she is treated, it reminds me of "Joe, the plumber", attacked because they are like the rest of us. Like Obama told Joe, he wants to spread "Joe's wealth". Obama sure isn't sharing any of his. The media choked out and made fun of us "lower Americans". We watch their programs, we pay taxes and don't hide money in 50 bank accounts so the burden of taxes are paid by us. Now the government wants to own the broadcasting and shut up anyone that doesn't agree with what they want. Sarah may not ever run for president, but she does want us to know how we are being treated. I'm glad to see her stand up and speak up.
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[.......it reminds me of "Joe, the plumber"]   I agree - Sarah and Joe are equally unqualified.
BTW, Ronald Reagan wouldn't pass the brand new purity test. That's really kind of funny.
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So how qualified is OBama , oh yes 2 years in the Senate and a community organiser......LOL   RJ you ar right we do need Leaders and I think they are finally appearing, I think 2010 will be an interesting year and a few will be out on their ear...
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I think she is attractive and would be a lot of fun for girls day out. Otherwise, I just cannot take her seriously. Not sure why, just cannot.
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Ditto to that Teko.
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Well we all differ in our opinions , I like her guts to stand up and be counted and also protect her children , wonder if all would have said nothing if David Idiot Letterman had said what he did to OBamas wife about his child, or Clintons ..she has taken a lot of flak from the left for being a Mom ....People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones ...lol.
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Well, personally I do not care for Letterman, nor do I condone that kind of behavior from anyone, however, it was not Obama or the Clintons, it was Palin. Speaking of Clinton tho, I can remember the talk about how butt ugly their daughter was during that time, so yes, they did endure a good bit also. However, that is their opinion and unfortunately they have the same opportunity to voice theirs. Sad isnt it. But I do agree  with what you say about glass houses. lol
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Ha Ha Ha yes I am good at those little tidbits , I have said the glass house one to my battling Daughters ,many times ,actually I do remember Chelsea Clinton getting a bit of Flak, but not as much as Palins did .,it seemed unneccesary and I wondered why ,they would want to ..hey I know its off topic but I dont want to do another thread, what do you guys think about the tightening of the Gun Laws,is the 2nd amendment coming under'fire' sorry for the pun...Here in CA ammo is hard to get a hold of...and there is a lot about this administartion wanting to do soemthing about our right to bear arms ..any thoughts .
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