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Time to Laugh

We all need a good laugh now and then.  The gals will certainly identify best with this, but even my hubby got some chuckles from it.

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LOL! I confess I used the belt that makes you burnie itchy all over. After that! I gave up! LOL  I like the one with the 4 year old and the vacuum cleaner. Spanx anyone?
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Yep, never resorted to having a 4 yr old vacuum my butt, yet....... lol
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LOL. Thanx for the laugh!
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HA HA..."it all just spills out and we still have it!"..Ain't that the truth..LOL..Thx barb
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Yeah, it spills out and we still have it......... grrrrr...... LOL

Body wrap, anyone?
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Your post brought back a memory of myself with my sister when we were teens.(I think I as 13) Neither of us were overweight but we were obsessed with little bits of flesh we thought shouldn't be there. We actually rolled each other up in saran wrap and stood over the heater with our robes on. My dad walked past and saw the saran wrap hanging below our knees, did a double take and just shook his head as he walked off.
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Never tried a body wrap, though I hear it's supposed to help get rid of fat.......

Oh, to go back to 13 and have the "perceived" fat pockets vs the real ones of today........... LOL
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Yeah, the 24 inch waist that will never return as long as there is flesh on these ol bones.

Today I slipped into another Zumba class (just couldn't resist) and there was a woman well over 200 hundred pounds who was magnificently beautiful. She moved with sensual ease and was just full of her beautiful self.
I decided right then and there, that I wouldn't worry about my this nonsense. Yes, be healthy and strong and glow, but so what ifI have some belly fat? It is part of me and I am gonna love it like the good ol belly has loved me all these decades.
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