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Top 3....

What do you think the nations top 3 issues are today, and how would you go about fixing it if you had the ability to do so?
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propaganda- we need to pass laws that puts honesty at the forefront again to enable the people to make an informed decision when it comes to their vote counting and enabling us as a country to move forward together.

Greed- We need to reverse the decision to allow all this money to flow in our elections. It should not be nor should have ever been allowed as we all know money is the source of all evil, yet look at the millions being spent to discredit one another with mostly lies to land a 400.000 dollar job. Something majorly wrong with us ever allowing this to happen imo.

Respect, or lack thereof., Divisiveness- It appears to be a war between the parties. This country needs to get back to caring about one another and the way to solve this is to face and deal with the previous two imo.

We will always have differences and challenges and this is nothing new. We need to learn to face them as a people with a united front. Together to protect the United States of America. It appears we may be crumbling at our core from within. That is my biggest concern.

Happy New Year Everyone!
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My 3 priorities are not necessarily in the order of importance.
1.  "real immigration reform".  This was another selling point that our current President proposed that I bought into.  Obviously immigration reform has taken a bit of a back seat these days, but I really thought our President was going to take a harder, more conservative stand.  I don't know why I thought that, but I did.  I have mixed emotions regarding immigration.  I have a sticking point when someone enters the country illegally.... that is against the law.  If you've been here illegally for 25 years, but have been paying taxes and the likes, I feel as if you've been breaking the law for 25 years.  I feel there has to be a price to pay for that.  I don't know what is wrong with how my family immigrated here.  They followed the rules, they took their lumps, but they became Americans through and through.  On the more liberal side... if you've been here 25 years illegally and have been paying taxes and have worked, not been a drain on the social system, perhaps this guy can be on the fast track to becoming an American.  (Then again, we would be rewarding someone for breaking the law for 25 years.... cripes!)
2.  Bail outs/taxation/spending.  I'm going to lump all of them together because we are all directly involved and contribute.  Bailouts.... I don't get it.  We go in and bail out the financial industry, but they do not change the way they do business.... what are we to expect?  (I heard a current White house staffer say that the bail out wasn't big enough.)  Unless they change the way they do business, we cannot expect change.  Now the banks and credit card outfits are coming up with "sur charges" to make a little more bling to keep the bonuses flowing.  We as a people have knocked down a few of them, lately Verizon wireless... good, screw them.  Taxation.... I don't have a solution here, not even a clue as to what would work best, but it ain't what we got cooking now.  GE pays no corporate taxes??? Wrong!  They need to pay as does all corporations.  I think it is that simple.  Spending.... geez.  Just yesterday I heard that the President will "reluctantly" sign a defense bill knowing that he has a real good chance of getting the debt ceiling raised by a trillion or so dollars.  I think we need to quit holding things ransom in order to get other things done.  
3.  Clarity.... we just need clarity in government.  No back room deals.  All bills should only have legislation pertaining to that bills subject.  If we are talking education, only education is discussed and will not be held ransom by defense spending or vice-versa.  All bills should not be longer than 3 pages... period.  When we have a health care bill that is bigger than 1,900 pages, there is a lot of pork in there that has nothing to do with health care.  That is BS and that is how things get screwed up.  

With the above mentioned clarity comes the money involved in politics.  All monies being changed for any reason regarding legislation #1 is illegal, and #2 shoudl be completely disclosed to "we the people".  We'd be able to find who is on the take, and from whom.  Seems like if we did that, we could in a way shrink government.  

I don't know.... at this point in time, I think it is all pipe dreams.
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Many of the top issues of today can be linked back to the ecological degradation of our planet due to overpopulation.
Economy, immigration, global warming, lack of medical resources, dirty air, dirty water, and on and on.
If the social engineering wing of the RNC truly wanted to address the issue of abortion, they could simply disassociate the issue away from family planning and birth control. Way over simplistic, I know, but if you want to eliminate abortion, teach people how not to get pregnant.
Unfortunately, our economy is too tightly tied to a mechanism that requires more and more consumers in order for investors to receive a reasonable return on their investment, Since I don't have an alternative to offer, I fear for the futures of my children and grandchildren.
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Wow, its so good to hear someone else mention overpopulation.
I believe it is the number one problem for the world, not just the U.S.

When I asked my husband what he thought the three biggest problems facing the US right now is, he said,

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It's the issue no politician will touch with a ten foot pole and the 800 pound gorilla sittting in the corner of the room that everyone is trying desperately to ignore.
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