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Trump administration denies border separation policy despite published proof

"While the Trump administration has denied that they have no set policy to separate families at the US-Mexico border, a published DHS guideline shows otherwise.

Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of Homeland Security also said in a statement that the policy didn’t exist.

She said “We do not have a policy of separating families at the border,”  

However, DHS recently announced that within a six week period ending in May, almost 2000 kids were separated from their parents.  

Published DHS guidelines also break down how the separations happen.

Saying quote, “your child or children will be transferred to the US Department of Health and Human Services...where your child will be held in a temporary child shelter or hosted by a foster family.”

Many people including celebrities have criticised the Trump administration for their handling of immigration.

President Trump took to Twitter criticizing the left writing, “The Democrats should get together with their Republican counterparts and work something out on Border Security and Safety. Don’t wait until after the election because you are going to lose.”

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I don't feel as if I know enough about the subject but I feel compelled to reply.  (I don't trust the news so I don't know if I've ever heard any facts regarding the subject matter.)  If children are being separated from their families at the border and are being put into the very same system American kids are put into in similar circumstances, what is the deal?  Where is the problem?  I'm just poking around in the dark here, but I've heard that there are thousands of kids caught crossing the border with no parents.  Just wondering how many people bring a kid who is not a family member with them under the guise of being a family in hopes of there being some leniency?  You can't house kids in regular prisons or jails because of what "might" happen to them, so they have to go somewhere.
From what I'm reading these children are not necessarily being put into the same system as American children; American children are not being housed in converted Walmart stores or "tent cities"...

As far as people bringing in children that aren't theirs, nobody has any proof that that, other than I did read that one 2 yr old child was taken from her Aunt, so I guess that person brought in a child that didn't belong to her.  Nobody has said where the child's parents are; perhaps they were killed in the home country for all we know...

I'm far from being an expert on the subject, but the point is that these people are coming here seeking asylum from dangerous conditions in their own countries.  I've been seeing a lot of propaganda on social media from people that think Trump is doing such a great thing with this and from what I'm finding through research that's all it is - propaganda...

According to the Geneva Convention, International law says we have to give them a hearing to see if they qualify for asylum.  There is nothing that says they have to be detained/locked up or families separated or anything of that nature.  This is all something that this administration drummed up to get their base going so they'd think they're doing a great thing... It's not great; call me a bleeding heart if you want to, but they're violating human rights as far as I'm concerned.  This, just as the United States pulls out of the Human Rights counsel at the U.N. - what's wrong with that picture?

Just imagine yourself and your family living in conditions in which you feared for your lives every day (that might not be too far off in this country...??) and when you get to a place you think you might be safe, your small children are taken away from you and placed in a facility in which they may not even have the basics.  They know no one, don't have anything familiar and no one to comfort them...

I'm well aware that the news dramatizes everything and we can't believe a lot of what we read and see, but it even half of what we're seeing is true, what they're doing is the equivalent of child abuse and may mark these children for years to come.  All of this while DCF is so strict that parents in the U.S. can barely even discipline their children for fear of having them removed from the home...
I am having this discussion in another format with other people as well.  I am totally for an easier pathway to American citizenship.  In the mean time, we have this... whatever it is.  I can't help but think about the old adage "the grass is always greener on the other side".  Many of us believe that anything else would be better than what we have or what we know.  We dream of it.  We want it so bad that we are willing to give up what we have to try anything new.....  Sometimes we find out that just isn't the case.  

I'm not going to pretend to have the answers to this most difficult predicament.  We've got an awful lot of laws that hinder morality.  For instance, we can't house these children in the same places we house the adults because of what 'may happen' to them.  (Juvenile detention centers instead of real jails)  We also just can't cut "innocent children' loose into the streets of this country.  

I can only speak for myself in the following statement.  If I packed up my family and left my war torn, lawless, jobless, drug riddled country and moved to this country in an attempt to find asylum or to find any resemblance of normalcy, I don't know if I would mind too much being in a redone Walmart, off of the streets, with a roof, 3 hots and a cot.  At the very least, I would have that.  

I have no clue how we would take these same people and just automatically plug them into the upper middle class somewhere in the suburbs.  I'm not sure what they are expecting other than decency.  Foster care....  Good Lord....  More and more, I am finding out what a horrible situation foster care can be.  The people responsible for providing foster care sometimes just see these people as numbers... more numbers equals more money.  Anyone looking to profit off of these people are the worst of the worst... kind of like "for profit prisons".  

I would like to think that if I ever had to make some of these same decisions, I would have put more thought into it.  I think I would have tried more avenues than just crossing the border illegally.  Thankfully, I don't have to think about it.
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