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US Treasury to take steps to avoid hitting debt ceiling on Monday


".....To cut government spending and delay bumping up against the debt ceiling, the Treasury will suspend issuance of state and local government series securities -- known as "slugs" -- beginning on Dec. 28. ............

The instruments known as slugs are special low-interest Treasury securities offered to state and local governments to temporarily invest proceeds from municipal bond sales. They have been suspended several times over the last 20 years to avoid hitting the debt ceiling.

Many analysts believe the measures available to the Treasury can stave that date off into late February......."

Can anyone explain to me where the bad is in this?

Let all the anti-Federal Gov't dittoheads, Texas secessionists, and other whiners balance things without Big Brother to prop them up for a while and see how they do.
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Bull Butter.... more talk from DC.  I don't even care what they have to say on the subject anymore.  It's redundant already.
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Oh Geeze! I didnt expect this one soooo soon! Happy New Year!
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