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Weed aficionados celebrate '420' with music, marijuana discounts

Happy 4/20 day~ from the L.A.Times:

Weed aficionados celebrate '420' with music, marijuana discounts
April 20, 2012 |  9:26 am

Some people across Southern California will celebrate the underground holiday known as "420," aimed at celebrating the virtues of marijuana ingestion in all its forms
People across Southern California will celebrate what they consider an important holiday Friday by getting comfortable on a couch or finding a nice forest before entering a state of deep relaxation.

That might explain why the underground holiday known as "420," aimed at celebrating the virtues of marijuana ingestion in all its forms, is not attracting any special attention from Los Angeles law enforcement: Most "Weed Day" celebrants plan to be very, very mellow.

Authorities from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said they aren't planning any special measures to seek out those getting high. Spokespeople for the departments said they were personally aware of the significance of April 20.

"We're not doing anything special," LAPD Officer Rosario Herriera said. "We always have a sufficient amount of officers out on a daily basis."

The origins of celebrating marijuana on April 20 are hazy. Observers speculate that it started with the numbers of local penal codes related to marijuana possession or to a random date selected by weed enthusiasts.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there were 17.4 million marijuana users in 2010, up from 14.4 million in 2007, all signs that the underground pot holiday may be gaining more steam.

Some Southland residents will be celebrating 420 with music and discounted cannabis.

Outside of Coachella, the music festival where many have indulged themselves without the holiday, Festival 420 is set to hit the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds on Saturday with a musical slate chock full of bands and DJs. The festival explicitly states that no illegal drug use or possession is allowed.

A 420 Hangover Festival is also scheduled to be held at the Observatory in Santa Ana, though a day after the big holiday.

And according to local cannabis websites, some retailers are offering discounted product on Friday. Kushmart in Hollywood, for example, is advertising a "Huge 420 sale," with 50% discounts and more.
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4/21 should be "Random Drug Test Day".
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Sigh, it's far past the time that cannabis was removed from the list of illegal drugs.
Tylenol is more dangerous than pot.
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OH, agreed... I used in my younger years and found alcohol to be far more dangerous.  But, the fact remains that it is still illegal.
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I don't use tylenol daily to get high.  That's the difference.  And it is only dangerous when taken incorrectly.  

Pots a drug, period.  Alcohol used to get high is also then being used as a drug.  Stupid to do that as well.  Some have a glass of wine as it pairs nicely with their red sauce and others might have a beer as it goes great wtih a hot dog.  But, they don't get high.  

While I have no problem with medical mj doled out like medication at the pharmacy only--------  I'd never support legalization across the board.  

I hope that doesn't bother you OH, it's like many issues in this world, where different opinions are okay.  

Had a conversation with my niece and nephew (one in college and one in highschool)----  both say for their out of contrl partying friends, mj was what they started with.  Sad.  

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I have no problem with disagreement.
In fact the idea of everyone agreeing about everything sounds  horrible to me.

Many herbs have different uses. Basil in large ( extremely large) quantities can cause severe stomach cramping. Thankfully it's legal or we wouldn't have pesto!

I have no problem with people using things to make them feel better. I don't care if you drink a glass of wine because of the taste or because you like the feel. It's not my business.( Driving impaired is another story.)

If you can grow a plant in your backyard that will relive your nausea, help you sleep, ease your muscle pain, and help you relax when you are stressed, why should any law say you can't grow and use it ?
It is a weed, easily grown and could be almost free for anyone.

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I've got no problems with folks using mj as long as they are an adult, making an adult decision to use.  That includes knowledge of its benefits, side affects, and all potential draw backs.  

As with alcohol, I think some can use and use responsibly.  Others seem to fall into the "abuser" category, but you'll have that with all drugs...

One thing I have found extremely entertaining is those folks who chronically use and say that there is absolutely no harm and boast of its medicinal purposes.  I do believe in the medicinal value, but any time you inhale smoke into your lungs.... you are doing some damage, therefore taking away the "no harm" defense.  Combine that with short term memory loss....  

To each his own, and if your use does not interfere with my daily operations, smoke up.
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I agree~all things have their pros and cons :)
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I also support legalization of marijuana.  I think alcohol does far worse to folks, at least in my experience.  I do think the same laws should apply though...of legal age, no driving under the influence, etc.  I also agree that it is not a no harm drug.  I don't believe any drug- alcohol, tobacco, over the counter meds -, can truly claim no harm.  Even caffeine does harm (but good Lord, don't make that illegal or I am going to jail!)

I am also pro decriminilization of drugs in general.  Not necessarily legaliziation, just decriminilization.  
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Well, something seems like a "do as you please as long as it doesn't affect me" thing until your loved ones start doing it.

Do I want my sons to be chronic pot smokers?  Do I want them to think it is no big deal?  

While we can't tackle every addictive substance at once----  I'd not be for going backwards and making any type of substance that currently is banned more available and send the message that it is okay for them to do.
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Here is my take on the issue.  Specialmom, you are absolutely right I do not want my son choosing to smoke pot.  I truly don't.  I also will not allow him to drink underage - not even 1.  

It's just that we have learned throughout history that illegilization does not solve the problem of substance abuse.  If an adult chooses to smoke pot responsibily, I don't see that as being any different then responsible drinking.  In fact, I've never known anyone to become violent on pot and start fights, or whatever the case may be.  So keeping substances illegal only serves to drive them underground.  The only people that win are the dealers, just like the bootleggers during prohibition.  With that comes increased violence.  It also makes it much more difficult for those who develop an addiction to get help in dealing with it. Throwing a user in jail accomplishes nothing.  We know that it does not help the user get off of whatever they are addicted to, and it costs the taxpayer a fortune in all honesty.  Also, in order for people to get help if they choose to, they must admit using an illegal substance - that is terrifying for so many people.

I think legalization of marijuana and decriminilization of drugs in general will keep people out of the prison system who in my opinion don't belong there to begin with.  It will make it much easier to reach out for help if needed.  And it will dramatically decrease the illegal dealers who profit from this and do target our children.  So in my opinion, doing this would not be going backwards, but be a big step forward in tackling the drug problem in general.  

As in many issues of this sort, the answer lies in education, not in legislation.  At least in my opinion.
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I’m caught in the middle of this one.
On one hand I look at Pot being no more dangerous than alcohol. We all know what happened when they outlawed alcohol. It didn’t stop it and underground crime ran ramped. They will never be able to stop the Marijuana Market either. If they legalized it and taxed it like they did alcohol we would make money instead of wasting it on the futile attempt to stop it. Like the Moon Shiners, there should be stiff penalties on anyone caught cultivating it themselves.
On the other hand, I can’t think of one person my age that regularly gets stoned that is not a little “Dingy” (even when they are not stoned.) So, I find it hard to believe pot is not harmful to the brain. If it was legalized more people would be smoking it on a regular basis turning our country into a bunch of “Jelly Heads.”
As far as pot being the stepping stone to drug abuse? I’m not sure I buy into that. I can’t argue the fact that most addicts started off with pot. I can argue the point that if someone wants to try drugs they would eventually try them even if there were no such thing as pot.
So, I’m stuck in the middle of this debate.
973741 tn?1342346373
I had two young people tell me that it was THEIR observation amongst peers that pot was the gateway.  Good enough for me!

I realize that alcohol and other things aren't great either.  But if abiding by the law is a deterent for my kids, I want the law to stand.  I can't help it if others don't want to abide by the law but bet money on the fact that this IS important to some and if the law is gone-----------  more people would abuse the substance.  

I'm not for recreational drugs, I'm not for recreational pot smoking, and I'm not for drinking to get a buzz.  As  someone that has been closely connected to mental health--------  those that use these substances in order to obtain highs and buzzes are typically masking real problems and then the usage compounds the problems.  If someone is depressed or stressed------------  the last thing they should do is take a drink or do a drug that just numbs them out.  Why? Well, the underlying issue is never addressed and they become dependent on this artificial means to cope.  And the artificial means can quickly spiral out of control.  Recipe for disaster.  

I'm all for education but we've been doing that.  Just say no to Drugs has been around a LONG time.  

You'll always have those who are afraid to do something because it is against the rules.  The laws should stand because of those people.  And I raise my kids to be the type to not break a law.  (hopefully) Wish talking back to mom was against the law too!  Okay, now I'm going too far . . .
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