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the "age divide" vs. homosexuality ; very curious!

I saw something about this on a news site (i'm sorry I can't find the link to cite it...I hope I can still post because it's just a poll?) I'm incredibly curious about this. I've noticed certain inclinations on certain issues tend to relate to age.....for instance homosexuality. it's considered something more acceptable to the younger generations, versus the older generations who are GENERALLY more traditional and who do not find it as acceptable. But I'm curious to see if that's truly how the divide stands or if people really are all over the board about it regardless of age.

hence this poll.

PLEASE no inflammatory comments. I am not interested on personal opinions about homosexuality either for or against (I mean, I'm interested but that's not the point of the post, lol), merely "where you stand" in reference to your age. Not trying to be rude but in order to avoid getting this post deleted because I am truly very curious about this and I would love to know if my theory is true....I don't want to start any arguments or debates or insults....so please be nice everyone!

Thank you :)

How do you stand as far as personal acceptance or lack of acceptance of homosexuality in general?
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I am not gay, dont know what its like to be gay, that is between them and their god, not them and the government. Equal rights for all under the law. period.
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I know how you feel about it Teko :) I just wanted to see if it truly is a generational divide like a lot of people have said...the article was fascinating and I really wish I could find the link to cite it...it basically talked about how ingrained beliefs about homosexuality have caused older generations to hold tightly to the belief that it's unacceptable socially, when in truth the social trend is moving towards accepting it...so I was just curious how people in general feel about it, combined with their ages. I would also be curious to know if there's a connection between religion/age/acceptance..you would ASSUME so, but I happen to know a lot of 30-50-somethings that DON'T attend church, whereas a lot of 20-30's do....and then most of the 50+ I know attend it as well....and yet there's a huge divide in the 30-50's as far as liberal/conservative views on certain things....sorry I'm rambling, but the whole concept is fascinating...if your generation determines how you look at something socially versus personal discovery of a belief is indisputable...but I wonder how many people have bucked their generational constraints and belief in a way contrary to their peers?
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thank you so much! that's exactly the kind of data I was interested in....absolutely fascinating.
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I do think there is a bit of a generational divide when it comes to accepting homosexuality.  (I am 43, married with 2 kids)  I believe the reason for younger folks being more accepting is because of the movement within the homosexual community and the news media making things more available.  Older folks are less accepting because of the stigma's placed on homosexuality.  Take a look at all of the rascial issues and how far we've come along those lines.....I believe the generational divide comes a bit into play there as well.

The truth is, homosexuality has been probably since humans stood upright and took their first steps on 2 feet.  Folks are quicker to judge people on their character these days compared to judging things at face value as was more common in days gone by.

There is always going to be divides when it comes to sexuality and race.  I think the hatred towards gays and minorities is so inbred that it runs for generations.  If tolerance were taught as strictly as hatred there would be more tolerance.

I just think its a shame to judge someone by their sexuality, their race, or religion.  There is good and bad amongst all of us.
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You're absolutely right, and I agree that it's media exposure that has contributed to more "acceptability" among the younger generations...and I really don't think that we'll ever eliminate all intolerance or hatred, like you said. Ignorance is the seed of intolerance and we have a better chance of eliminating all diseases than we do of eliminating all ignorance....because ignorance is a CHOICE....and it's the EASY choice.

I think there's also this concept among younger people that...just because you don't agree with someone doesn't mean you have to affect their way of living. I know plenty of 20-30-somethings that DON'T agree with homosexuality, but they say "it's not my choice, it's not my life, why should I get involved?" whereas some of the older people who I've asked about it might say "I don't agree with it, it shouldn't be allowed". very curious, considering that very frequently these are also conservative people who want less involvement in their everyday lives by government, and yet they're encouraging government involvement in the regulation of marriage and unions.....it's all very interesting, to say the least. Now, there are younger and older people who defy the "usual" and I'm not trying to generalize or say that ALL older people are intolerant or that ALL younger people are accepting...I just need to put that out there so no one thinks I'm trying to target any age group.

We've ALL got our problems and pitfalls, and we all have our intolerances.
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I am really interested to see the outcome of this as well.  I happen to agree with you that younger generations seem to be more accepting in general of everything related to race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.  I do think a great deal of that has to do with countries becoming more mulitcultural, so your generation is growing up with those of different backgrounds, as well as easier access to global media.  It's a wonderful thing!!
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I am older, and my generation is still against certain, colors and lifestyles for various reasons, mostly due to how they were raised. I have 6 kids, all of which really do not understand what the hoopla is about. So, yes it is generational I think, and so is the way our politics works as a result. We need younger people leading.
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Interesting post and poll.  Thank you Ashelen.  My children and I have different attitudes towards many things.  But we need wise, experienced leaders.
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I'm a 54 year old heterosexual female... and I have a 59 year old sister, who's a Lesbian.
As far as I'm concerned, it just means that there's more available straight men... for me!
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To iam1butterfly That is so funny.LOL

I think people should mind their own business about the sexuality of others,we don't ask heterosexuals how they have sex or what they do in the bedroom,so why do some care what others do in the privacy of their homes.as for kissing or showing affection in public,if you don't like it look away,
As for our children seeing affection between same sex couples,talk to them,explain that in life there are people who for whatever reasons are more comfortable in a relationship with the same sex.You can say you don't agree with this lifestyle but that everyone needs to be tolerant of others.I think it's good for our children to see diversity in life,it can open up topics of conversation.
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I don't mind hand holding or small kisses by either  homosexuals or heterosexuals in public.  But I don't like either group groping each other in public.  It's inappropriate.  What is strange is that my children and I agree on this point.
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I totally agree with you,I don't like to see homosexuals or heterosexuals groping and fondling leave that for at home.
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I third that statement...open affection is wonderful, but let's leave it at affection. Otherwise, what's that saying..."Get a room!!" lol.  
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I'll fourth that. I don't like seeing "PDA"....it's just plain gross. leave the slobbering for the bedroom. a hand-hold, a hug...sure...but...yuck, whether you're gay OR straight, lol.
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I think that the problem, which hasnt gone away but seems to be swept under the carpet is the idea of HIV maybe its possible that makes other folks more wary, I dont know but I assume its still around... Aids and HIV I know most intelligent people do not take risks but isnt homosexuality where it spread from ?
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Well the source of AIDs/HIV originally is from HETEROSEXUAL peoples in Africa who used monkey blood as tattoos...so I would say that there were several generations of AIDs passed HETEROSEXUALLY first.

The reason it's more prevalent in homosexual relationships is because there's no reason to use protection because there's no way to get pregnant if you're in a homosexual relationship. That being said....it's easier to pass in a homosexual relationship, but they're proving more and more that it's a complete myth that the homosexual community has more cases of HIV these days. IN the 80's when it was just becoming studied and known about, yes the homosexual community had higher cases because they did not know to use protection. Since then, however, there has becoming a more even percentage between homo- and hetero- peoples with AIDs/HIV. It's speculated that this is because MOST homosexual couples are likely to remain monogamous....very few homosexual people have the same average number of partners in a lifetime as a heterosexual person (whether this is because of lifestyle choices or because of lack of opportunity is up for debate). But whatever the cause....it's a myth that more homosexual people have HIV/AIDs than heterosexual people NOW. Like I said, in the 80's yes...that was the case...but no longer. And you have to think...if it ONLY spread through homosexual relationships, no heterosexual people would have it and they do...plenty do. IV drug usage is as big of a culprit for spreading HIV as unprotected sex.
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I knew someone who died in the early years of the HIV epidemic before there was any treatment that worked. It was tragic and also that it took so long for it even to be mentioned in the public press let alone treatments that worked begin to be developed for it. The people I've known that were gay generally didn't speak about it much if at all. It was just another aspect of their life.
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That's horrible...and yes, it took WAY too long for it to be spoken about. way too many lives were lost because no one realized it was even an issue....the stigma attached to homosexuality was such that they were afraid to seek help at ALL.
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thank you.. I always thought that it was spread by the homosexual community and then passed on to the hetrosexuals.It shows how the media gets this kind of thing wrong , most of the reports I have read were about homosexuality and HIV ...
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I think at one time the fastest growing group of those contracting HIV was the male homosexual population, and of course intravenous drug users (needle sharing).  My understanding is that that now has changed somewhat, and the fastest growing group is women, particularly younger women. It seems for some reason this population thinks they are not at risk.  With so much education about using condoms and protecting yourself, spread has decreased significantly.  Needle exchange locations and drop boxes have helped a great deal with drug users as well.  But boy did there ever used to be a stigma associated because of it.  I can remember in the late 80's hearing horrible things such as AIDS being God's way of punishing homosexuals, jokes that Gay stood for Got Aids Yet and other awful things like that.  Thank God people have become educated.   And it's wonderful that AIDS is no longer a death sentence.  
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I just googled to get further information to be better informed and the site I got to is saying that the first cases of Aids appeared in the 1980's in New York and California in homosexual men when they developed rare symptoms and cancers.  If you put into gooogle   .The Origin of HIV and Aids and the first cases of Aids .......
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well yes that's where it first appeared in the US. but it's originally from africa....it's a blood mutation that is carried (quite harmlessly) in monkies, but when transferred to humans causes immune-system crises.
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http: //en.wikipedia    .org/wiki/AIDS

"Genetic research indicates that HIV originated in west-central Africa during the late nineteenth or early twentieth century.[8][9]  AIDS was first recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1981 and its cause, HIV, identified in the early 1980s"

I realize the Wikipedia is peer-based so it's somewhat subject to skepticism, but that's the first site I could find without having to read too far...I'm trying to feed my son so I'm a bit short on time at the moment LOL
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