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"Apache has secured more than 350,000 acres in Reeves County near Balmorhea, Texas and they plan to drill and frack 3,000 to 4,000 wells in this precious desert oasis. But, all the people who make Balmorhea their home and the ones who travel there to swim in the spring need not worry because because Apache Corp has excluded the city and park from fracking.
How many acres is the town of Balmorhea? 100 acres? 200 acres? Let’s be generous and say the tiny town of Balmorhea is 200 acres. Apache Corp plans to drill and frack 3,000 to 4,000 wells in the precious desert oasis that is a beloved global tourist destination. But they are excluding the town of Balmorhea and the state park from fracking as stated above.
.......Apache Corp’s fracking generosity in Balmorhea will earn them billions in profit and forever change the face of a precious tourist destination. There is no other place on earth like San Solomon Springs and Balmorhea State Park but no one will vacation in a heavy industrial zone."

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3000 to 4000 wells, that's awesome, I wouldn't mind working around Balmorhea.

Perhaps you should post the rest of the article to get your point across, because I know you are not thrilled with this development just as the writers are not.
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