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Are We At a Turning Point?

I'm wondering how others are perceiving the protests, riots and everything that's going on right now.  The rioting, looting, burning needs to stop - we all know that, but I think we also know that's being done by fringe elements, not by the actual protesters.  

It seems that President Trump seeks to divide us and polarize the country even more than we already are... however, there are others stepping up to the plate to try to lead and bring the country back together... this includes, but isn't limited to former Presidents Carter, Bush and Obama, along with former high level military personnel.  

I was appalled to hear President Trump threaten to get the military to squelch the protests - that sounds like he wants us to look like some other countries that have military personnel patrolling the streets to make sure everyone tends to the dictators wishes...

I wonder how long Republicans in Congress can continue to show the support for the administration that they've showed through everything else the President has done.  I see that one Republican Senator has stepped up to say they may not be able to support him in the upcoming election.

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There was no good choice in the last election. There was no good choice in this election.  I'm kind of tired of the 'good choices' not having enough money or support to go further . . . and then we are left with bad choices to 'run' this country.  
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With that said, I'm definitely ready for a change.  I'm open minded to new things and that it WILL get better.   I do think the Republican party has gotten pretty crazy.  It's become hard to understand them and I'm a moderate so don't always disagee with some Republican ideas.  But dang, I hardly recognize Republicans anymore.  People want to prosecute Trump . . . honestly, I'm over the Trump drama and just want him to GO AWAY.  If I never had to hear about him again, I'd be happy. Remember when they were deciding the Republican candidate the first go round when he began his election run?  I was like "nooooo, they can't/won't choose Trump to be their candidate" . . . STILL shocked they did.  And shocked he has a cult following and it is as large as it is!  Again, I'm not anti Republican.  I've voted right often enough to say that.  I just don't know how we got stuck with an inflammatory reality tv star in the White House!!!  
I agree. I just don't want to see his face, hear his voice, let's move forward.
Yes, orphanedhawk, let's move forward and be done with this crazy chapter.  Good to see you!  Hope you are doing well!!
I'm with you both all the way... I voted for Trump the first time but was sorry the moment I left the voting booth...I just didn't want Hillary.  In retrospect, she might not have been so bad...

I just want Trump and all his histrionics to go away so we can move forward.
Right.  I didn't even hate all his policies, our taxes went down and I the economy was as strong as I've known it since I've been paying attention . . . but I just can't stand him.  And how he has acted post election solidifies for me that this was all about his ego and not American citizens.   I think both parties have fringes on the far side of their party that are gaining more and more people to support them. That worries me.  I'm fully ready for it to calm down and I do think having Trump gone will help but it seems many of his staunch supporters aren't wanting to let him go.  Truly baffling.  Tackiest president of all time.  Might be tackiest human being of all time.  
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This whole thing is a melt down.  Easy to see in retrospect.  There are a lot of people who still will defend everything this Administration does and says, even outright B.S.  Remember "Drain the Swamp".  It was in reference to politicians that have been around too long, taking advantage of the American people, etc.... Look at how many swampers got re-elected.  Republicans only seem to care about the swamp when it is in reference to the other side... at the onset, it was about Trump coming in and upsetting the applecart and then fixing it.... and this is the crap we are left with????  I do know people who have eaten a little crow and silently voted for Biden this go around...  They also know that Biden is not a reasonable alternative.  The threats of socialism, and coming to get out guns is at an all time high, and apparently according to the total vote count, there are 70 some million who still buy that ****.  (sorry about the language)  The amount of misinformation is scandalous... the fake cries of Treason...  ugh, this is just ugly.
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Yep, we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.  I certainly didn't want Hillary , but I'm not sure things would have been a whole lot worse if she's been elected.   I wasn't an Obama fan either, but there are days I'd love to see him back.  

I don't think Biden is evil either, but I think Trump is.  Neither do I agree that Biden is senile.  There were others I might have preferred to have the Democratic nomination, and I'm so tired of having to try to figure out the "lesser of two evils", as they say.  It's been a lot of years since anyone got a nomination that I could really get behind and know I'd be happy if they won.  
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We have to agree to disagree on this one. I'm not a Trump supporter but there was no way I was going to turn this Country over to Hillary without doing everything I could to stop it. I have the same feelings toward Bigen but I don't think he is Evil but I do think he is Senile. As far as the Military goes, It's Domestic Terrorism and I have no problem setting Snipers up and busting a few Coconuts.  
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