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Extra day of voting possible in New York

(CNN) -- Voters in some New York counties may get an extra day to cast ballots if disruptions caused by Superstorm Sandy prevent enough citizens from showing up at the polls, a state official said Sunday.

County election officials could ask the New York state Board of Elections to allow polls to reopen for another day if Tuesday's turnout is less than 25%, according to state board spokesman Thomas Connolly said.

"To my knowledge this has never happened in New York," Connolly said. "Will the turnout be low? It's hard to say -- probably, it all depends if people have other priorities."

The state board would consider the request and, if approved, a second day of voting would be scheduled within 20 days of Tuesday, he said.

Polls would be open for 11 hours on the second day, with only those who were eligible to vote on Tuesday allowed to cast ballots.

Nassau County Elections Commissioner William Biamonte expects a "significant drop off" in the turnout of Long Island voters.

"A lot of people that are displaced ... they're worried about getting their lives back, and whether they're going to go back to an area where they've lost power, or their home has been lost, rather than take care of what their immediate needs are, that's a big question," Biamonte said.

Also, forecasters are predicting a storm Tuesday, he said. "The weather is not going to be a friend on Tuesday.

We're going to get very cold weather with a nor'easter coming our way again on Wednesday."

Getting polling sites ready has been a "slow, tortuous process" since Sandy hit the county, he said, but with the help of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo pushing the utility companies to get service restored they should have a "workable day."

Election officials relocated and consolidated 40 polling sites, while another 30 will be powered by portable generators, he said.

The Nassau County elections office in Mineola has been open each day from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. to allow voters to cast ballots, he said. "Our front counter has been besieged with people coming in and voting by absentee."

The New York City Board of Elections has decided to temporarily relocate or combine some polling locations across all five boroughs serving 143,000 voters because of damage from Sandy, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday.

Bloomberg, who called the election board "dysfunctional," said he was concerned about polls being opened on time Tuesday and poll workers and voters knowing where to go.

"The difficulties they've had in planning for Tuesday further underscores that," he said.

The Election Protection Coalition launched a public service campaign to help New York and New Jersey voters find their relocated precincts. The nonpartisan group, which includes Common Cause and the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights, is staffing a hotline -- 866-OUR-VOTE -- for voters to call.

SOURCE: http://www.cnn.com/2012/11/04/politics/new-york-vote-extension/index.html
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If there were 20 different ways to vote and a week to get it done, someone would still be complaining about how hard it is to vote, voter suppression, etc.  It's not going to stop, kids.
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This is the compassionate thing to do. I don't know about NY but I'd guess they are voting for more than just the president. So, yes, give them the time to vote, it may make a difference for  state proportions.
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I'm ok with it but no way NY even comes close to going for Romney.
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I guess if I were living in New York under their current circumstances, I would still want to cast my vote.  Voting is being a part of something and feeling like you did what you could to help.  You don't want to be the team member on the bench while the rest of the team wins (although it still feels good and there is no shame in it).  


I don't know.  I hate the idea of it going on any longer though.  Ugh.
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I get why they want to do this, and really... I guess I am okay with it.  On a personal basis, it wouldn't work for me.  I like schedules and I like itineraries.  I don't miss appointments.  November 6th is the day that the nation designated as the day to vote.  I'll do it then or I won't do it.... that's just me.
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My point was along those lines... NY is going to the Left anyway, so why BOTHER prolonging the misery?

NY historically ALWAYS goes Left, so giving them an extra day is sort of moot.

I just don't understand why the entire process needs to be upended, in order to give people in a Democrat state, the opportunity to vote, when the state's going to go Democrat anyway.

Makes no sense to me.
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Other than the fact that it prolongs the misery (and probably for no reason as Obama will win New York and we all know it)-----  I don't have any problem with those that have had their lives ripped apart getting another day to vote.  
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