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How Drinking Leads to Longer Lives


.How Drinking Leads to Longer Lives.
Basically, we don't know, but it might have something to do with HDL
By Kate Schwartz

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Bookmark & Share Digg Reddit Google Buzz Delicious Yahoo Buzz Fark (Newser) – After plenty of us raised a glass to the news that heavy drinkers live longer than abstainers, we drained that glass ... then got really pensive ... then started wondering, hey, how is that possible? Brian Palmer digs into the mystery for Slate, finding that booze seems to decrease one's risk of heart disease and diabetes, though researchers don't really know how. They've pretty much determined that two alcoholic beverages a day increase our levels of HDL, or "good cholesterol," by 5% to 10%—making it better for HDL levels than exercising or quitting smoking.

And while some say that HDL boost is equal to a 10% drop in heart disease risk, several studies haven't been able to find a link between it and reduced heart attacks. Other, non-ironclad studies have found that booze may reduce clotting, improve your heart's ability to efficiently pump blood, and improve insulin sensitivity. Or people who drink in moderation could just be a healthy bunch.

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So, if I use drinking to get away from smoking, I will be healthier? Nah, not buying it. If I drank as much as I smoke I would be saving my lungs and giving up my liver is about the size of it. Who makes these studies? A couple of drinks a day will not hurt I agree, Everything in moderation is the key.
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Whew....lol, just kidding.  I agree...a drink a day is probably healthy.  Several a day causes serious damage.  Interesting study.
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In the first paragraph it says heavy drinkers live longer than abstainers,then further down it says 2 alcoholic beverages a day-I woundn't consider 2 alcoholic beverages a day being a heavy drinker.
It also doesn't talk about liver damage or kidney damage.or lives taken by drunk drivers,
I think they need to do a larger study before they say you could live longer.
In my opinion you may not die of heart disease or get diabetes but I don't believe it would make you healthier than a non-drinker.

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