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Partial shutdown likely to continue until after Christmas

"We're going to have a shutdown": Trump blames Democrats in video tweet

From CNN's Liz Stark

In a video released on Twitter Friday evening, President Trump called for greater border security "with a wall or a slat fence or whatever you want to call it."

He later pointed the finger at Democrats: "We're going to have a shutdown. There's nothing we can do about that because we need the Democrats to give us their votes."

"Call it a Democrat shutdown. Call it whatever you want. But we need their help to get this approved," he added, 10 days after telling the Democrats in the Oval Office -- and Americans watching on television at home -- he would be "proud" to shut down the government over border security.

As a closing message, Trump said: "The shutdown hopefully will not last long."



We now have the shutdown and Trump has gone from "taking that mantle" and "owning it proudly" to blaming the Democrats, while hundreds of thousands of government workers are working without pay, as in the case of Border Patrol and some others or, they're off over the holidays with no idea when they might be going back to work.  

All of this is because the President is insisting on a wall that most experts agree isn't going to work anyway.  It's been discussed before that Congress should lose their pay when the government shuts down... I agree with that.  I read this morning that they don't because it's in the Constitution that Congress gets paid no matter what (or something like that)... that's one thing I'd have to disagree with the Constitution on.  If Congress lost their pay (or maybe even their jobs) every time the government shut down and other workers didn't get paid, it would seem that they might be a little more willing to compromise.  
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