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Police suicide


Another cop suicide....  I don't know.  I have so many mixed emotions about this; so many questions.  I have many cop/ex-cop friends.  

What is going on?  Do you not have the mental/psychological support you need to be able to put your days work behind you and then be able to live your personal life?  Suicide is a short step away from homicide or a mass shooting....  Why are all of these happening more often?  We have to do more here....
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I worry about cop's sanity and mental well being all of the time.  I know a lot of cops.  Most of them are terrific people and are in the job for all of the right reasons, but the day to day grind has to be incredibly taxing...
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Exactly, people don't realize that LE are nothing but humans like the rest of us. There is not a switch that is thrown and they appear leaving the same struggles in life that we struggle with behind them. Family, Financial, Health, etc. Then they go to a job that is mostly dark and evil, knowing that they are going to be hated on almost every call.  I have a friend that left Homicide because he couldn't take going to the scene with parents and children crying over a body but very seldom would anyone come forward. Usually, if they do say something, it is to Crime Stoppers so they get paid. Long story short, he left the division because he found himself not caring anymore
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I think there are so many we don't hear about too.  We had one in our city earlier this year.  That job is an emotional roller coaster.  I have a friend who was a police officer, a woman.  She mainly dealt with fraud investigation but she said it soured her on human kind.  She left the police force after 20 years due to anxiety.  I feel like fire fighters also must have a hard time walking into that world and then back to normalcy of home.

Wonder if it can be mandatory to do mental health well checks on police.  Would it be welcome or insulting?
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